Phew, where has the time gone?

It has been 5 years and 11 days since I have blogged.  Wow, where does the time go?

Quite a few things have changed in those five years.  2011 was the last “good” year for myself and my family for a while.  In 2012 we lost my Father, in 2013 we lost my Grammy and in 2014 we lost my big Brother.  Phew, HUGE life changes!  We started getting back on track in 2015, when my Sister married her sweetheart, Jeff.  The year of wedding planning and especially the wedding day, September 6, 2015, was a TON of fun!

The other big news in 2015, Ric and I announced we were going to be parents.  That was HUGE.  Then a few months later, we celebrated our TEN year anniversary.  Again, where does the time go?.

 photo 11055343_10153429802463288_3895862595385664244_o 2.jpg

Wanna know more about Baby Seelen?  Well, TODAY, January 25, 2016, today was/is our due date.  Seems as though the little Nugget, which is what we have called him since we found out, would like to continue cooking for a little while longer.  I think he is going to wait to surprise us, and make his grand entrance when HE is ready.  haha

There have been so many things that I have loved about being pregnant and with preparing for Nugget to get here, but one of my favorites is his nursery.  I just LOVE how it all fell together, and even if it was at the very last minute.  (The final touches were put on yesterday morning!  I would say we are about 90% done.  Still waiting on a shelf option or a “reading corner” option.  We have a few things in the making.

I introduce to you, Nugget’s Dr. Seuss Nursery!  (A few pics at least.)
 photo 12633681_10153878706353288_8131855830818897826_o.jpg

 photo 12593986_10153878707113288_2597427630244294968_o.jpg

I will post a few more photos when it is 100% complete. =D

Oh, but I can’t forget the “before” picture. The guest room turned Nursery! =D


I will of course update when Nugget gets here, and I’m sure will have LOTS of photos to share in the very near future, and you know, for the rest of his life.  He is going to LOVE the camera!  😉


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