HI! I’m alive!

It has been one year and two days since I blogged.
WOW, time flies when you’re having fun!

Last year was a busy year, especially September and October. This year will be no different! To say I was busy is an understatement. I’m still trying to catch up on 2010 editing. In 2010 I shot 9 weddings, I second shot 4 weddings and I had 33 misc. sessions that I shot. I already have 12 (possibly 13) weddings booked for 2011. I have to say, that EXCITES ME!!!!! Not to mention the 3 that I already have booked for 2012. The photography business is treating me well.

Ric is still searcing for a permanent teaching job. Seems as if teaching jobs are pretty scarce in the world today. 😦 He is still substitute teaching though. Last Summer he got a permanent Summer School teaching job, teaching Civics. He LOVED it! I enjoyed seeing a smile on his face each and every day, knowing that he had his own class, was able to do his own lesson plans, etc. My favorite story from his Summer of teaching is the fact that he had the principal’s daughter in his class. After the class was over, Ric received an amazing letter from said principal. The gist of it was telling him how his daughter hated Civics/History/Etc., UNTIL she took Ric’s class. That is all she would talk about every day and she really was getting into it, because of her awesome teacher! YES. . .these schools don’t know what they’re missing! Mr. Awesome Rocks!

Our favorite thing from 2010 is our 5th Anniversary Cruise. Our amazing parents went in halves to send us on a Caribbean Cruise. HELL YEAH!!! We left out of Port Canaveral (near Orlando). We went to Nassau, Bahamas; St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Two of these islands were islands that we visited on our Honeymoon Cruise (St. Thomas and St. Maarten). The trip was awesome. Our last day on our trip we spent at Disney World. We did an anniversary photo shoot with a great Orlando (now Ohio) photographer, who also got us in to Disney World free, because he is also a “cast member”. HELL YEAH x 2!!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures. Who can resist Mickey Mouse ice cream when at Disney World?! Yes, we’re silly, but we LOVE to laugh!! =D

Last year I promised that I would try to “visit” more. . .I’m not making that promise this year. . . I know I’m not going to be able to keep it! (Sorry!) Visit later.. ..hopefully there will be something new to read!