Life Post

I have been CRAZY busy with photography related stuff lately. Don’t really have time for that thing we call life really. With shoots on the weekend, full-time job during the week and photo editing in the evenings. . .I just can’t find time to enjoy life right now. ONE OF THESE DAYS, when I can do the photography thing full-time, I will be able to enjoy life more, HOPEFULLY!

I turned 31 on 9/28. You will never guess what my awesome, caring, loving hubby surprised me with. I walk in the house, and there is a card “from the cat”, and it was signed by “Elvis” and “the new guy”. . .he told me to go into the bedroom, and I walk in and there sits this CUTE little guy, who was only 3 months old. SUCH a cutie!!!! That evening we went to my parents’ house for dinner, and took Elvis and SIMBA along. Elvis hated Simba pretty bad. He didn’t stop hissing at him the whole time we were there. It has gotten a little better since then, they play better now, but Elvis still gets annoyed with Simba and hisses at him occasionally.

Isn’t he cute?!?!

The weekend before Halloween we had our annual Halloween Party/Scavenger Hunt. It was our smallest group this year, but we still had a TON of fun! There were so many other parties going on the same day, and others out of town, so we were missing some of our regulars. 😦 Oh well, still lots of fun had by all!

I was ready for a hair change, so on Halloween went to my friend Felicia at The Best Litt.le Hair to have my hair cut. I went out on a limb for this one. I got it cut shorter than ever, it is slightly longer on one side than the other (on purpose), and I added some color to it. Not tooooo much, but just a little. Oh, and it isn’t any normal color either, it is PINK!!! For the first few days, every time I got a glimpse of my hair, especially the pink part, I would giggle and smile. haha It sucks that these bold colors fade so fast. . .it is pretty faded right now – kind of like a light pink, but I still LOVE it!

Halloween was a great time spent in Highland with my parents and Grandma, as well as my BFF Colleen and her family. This was the first year that I have actually ever Trick-or-Treated in my parents’ neighborhood, even though I have lived there since the age of 8. Every year we would go to Gma’s, even the past few years as adults, so we wouldn’t be in our own neighborhood. Since Gma moved into an apartment, we decided to just go to Mom and Dad’s, and my BFF and her family came there, and we Trick-or-Treated in their neighborhood. It has turned into a tradition for my BFF and her family come to Highland, have dinner with us and then we go Trick-or-Treating with them (they have 3 kiddos). It is always so fun. Watching them go from house to house, seeing their excited faces, etc. I just need to say that, they are the most caring and loving children. They are always more worried about getting every one else’s favorite candy before even getting something for themselves. Sav knew that my Mom’s favorite was Banana Laffy Taffy, so she kept her eye open for that, and luckly at the 2nd or 3rd house she got one and was SOOO excited and couldn’t wait to give it to my Mom. It was the sweetest thing ever! After we get back to the house, they dump their stuff out, see all the candy they got and then pass it out to everyone, including my parents, Gma, Ric and I, etc. They are SUCH caring children!!! I ❤ them!

Friday morning we woke up to a call from Ric's Mom, letting us know that Ric's Grandfather passed away. He had found out a few months ago that he had lung cancer. RIP Papa!! Ric's Grandmother isn't doing well either, so please take a minute to say a little prayer for her! She is such a SWEET lady!!

In November Ric and I went to Graffton and walked on the trails and took some pictures. We had a great time, but because of fiddling around that afternoon, we got there kind of late, and didn’t have much time to walk the trails, because of it getting dark earlier. It was such a GORGEOUS day though! For our first anniversary Ric had made reservations there for us to go horseback riding, and then two years ago we went there to walk the trails with some friends of ours. I love going there, the view is absolutely gorgeous!! The drive there is kind of long (about an hour), but the view during the drive is definitely worth it!

For August and September Ric volunteer assistant coached a PeeWee Football team (for Mascou.tah). I can hardly explain the feeling I get when I see his smiling face while he is talking about all his kids, his excitement and happiness when he comes home from practices and games, etc. He just LOVES doing this so much, and loves his kids so much!! I was only able to make it to one game that season, because of all the sessions/weddings I had, and unfortunately was their last game. It wasn’t a very good game to go to, because the opposing team was playing “dirty”, but it was still great to see him out there with “his kids” and the way he interacts with them. He is going to be such a great teacher (and Daddy some day)!!! It is obvious, considering the nickname his classes that he subs for has given him. . .”Mr. Awesome”. (He is pretty awesome!!)

On November 12th Ric and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary. We spent it low key by having dinner with my parents and dessert at no other than, COLDSTONE! 😀 (My favorite!)

December came and went, and man did it fly by!!! This year I stayed in IL for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and Ric went to Viriginia on the 20th. I flew out to VA on the 26th, and spent time with him and his family. On Dec. 30th we took a bus to New York so that we could ring in the new year in Times Square. We were home on January 4th and now life is slowly, but surely, going back to normal.

One of these days, I will come back and write a story about our trip to New York and being in Times Square for New Years. It was AWESOME! 😀