Life’s Crazy ~ Need a Breath!

I haven’t been around for a while. Things are CRAZY CRAZY around here! I apologize in advance that this entry is going to be all mumble jumble. Deal with it! 🙂

It seems as though my whole FAVORITE season of Fall has been swept away with things to do. Going here, going there, going everywhere. I’m missing out on the great season. But, in an attempt to be more positive in life, thanks to my Sister-in-Law who put a whole new light on things, “Thank you for reminding me that I’m actually doing something I love!” (Most of the time. . .when it ISN’T M-F 9-5.)

I can’t wait until the day that I don’t have to have this full-time job. I have said that for a few years now. I’m finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Though, I do get frustrated on a daily basis. WHY can’t I just quit my job and do this full-time? WHY can’t I get my name out there more? WHY are there people that started AFTER me that are getting more clients than me (or so it seems)? WHY are there people who refer other people to certain people and not me? WHY are there people out there in the same field as me who started around the same time as me (or others in general), who just don’t feel like helping out. WHY when I ask their advice, do they pretend like they are better than someone? WHY are there so many darn photographers in the area I’m in? WHY did I pick a profession that is SO hard to get into (so it seems sometimes)? WHY can’t some lovely school hire my Husband, who SO BADLY wants to be teaching? WHY are there teachers out there who lie and cheat the system, yet they still get to teach, when there are people (like my Husband) who would be SO good at teaching? (Tenure is an evil thing sometimes.) GEESH. There are more whys, but we’ll stop there! Remember, I’m TRYING to be more positive!

Anyway. . .
This past weekend Ric and I went to VA to visit his Parents, two of his Siblings, and his Grandparents. We had a great time hanging out with them. The first day we spent most of the day with his Grandmother, who is in a rehab center after hip surgery.

Saturday after going to one of Amanda’s Weight Watchers meetings (what an AWESOME leader she is), Amanda, Ric and I went to King’s Dominion. We had a great time, and a LOT of laughs.

(Picture stolen from King’s Dominion website.)

On Sunday, Mom S., Timmy, Amanda, Ric and I went to the Renaissance Festival in Maryland. It was so much fun, and we had a great time!

(Picture stolen from Renn Fest website.)

On Monday we went to say goodbye to Ric’s Gma and headed home. We got home later in the evening.

If I ever get a few minutes, I will come back and make an entry dedicated to our trip, including pictures, but who knows how long that will be. 🙂

Now I feel SOOOO behind. I have three weddings, one maternity and one family shoot to edit. I have another wedding this coming Saturday and three family shoots this coming Sunday. AHHH. . .breathe!!!!

As Amanda would say. . .”Thank you for . . .”
. . .reminding me that I’m alive! 😀


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pamela
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 23:38:14

    it seems to me that you actually have a lot of business on your plate….


  2. angie
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 20:48:46

    I’m so sorry you are unhappy at your job. That really blows and I hope things turn around for you and Ric soon.


  3. Maria
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 17:22:25

    I hope you get to do photography full-time soon, and I hope Ric finds a permanent teaching job soon. You both deserve it!!!


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