Memorial Day Weekend

Gosh, the week got away from me. Obviously, considering I’m just now writing about Memorial Day Weekend, which was LAST weekend.

It was a crazy busy weekend!!! But tons of fun. Started Friday night and didn’t even end until Tuesday night because of out-of-town family in town.

Friday night started with a work “party” at the Grizzlies Game. We had a ton of fun. Didn’t take too many photos that night, I was too busy socializing. Here is one that I took. Co-worker Amanda, co-worker Sara and I. We’re great co-worker/friends. 🙂

Saturday was my cousin’s wedding – all day and all night.

Sunday we spent the day at Mom and Dad’s house. My Aunt, Uncle and two cousins were in town from Colorado, as well as my big Bro. 🙂 I LOVE family time! Around 4:00 Aunt, Uncle an cousins started their drive back to CO. (Bro flew back to CO on Monday morning.) The rest of Sunday evening Mom, Grandma and I took a little drive and went to get Tropical Snos. YUM! 🙂 No pictures from Sunday.

Monday I was a COMPLETE bum. Switched out my Winter shoes with my Summer shoes. I will be SO glad when I have a house with a Winter and Summer closet. haha 🙂 The “switching out Summer and Winter clothes every season” is “for the birds” (as Gma would say). 😉 I am not too proud to admit that I didn’t even get out of my PJs on Monday. What a great feeling! 😀

Tuesday after work we headed to Des Peres. Ric and I LIVE for Uncle Mark’s BBQ Ribs. Since Uncle Mark and Aunt Corrie were in town for my cousin’s wedding (from Switzerland), we were invited to their house in Des Peres (yes, they have a house here and there) for some BBQ ribs and more family time! 😀 SWEET.

(Sorry for the awful point & shoot quality photos.)
Mom showed up with this. YUMMMMY!


Mom also showed up with this. I’m sure you have already met Cupcake, but if you haven’t, she is Mom and Dad’s brat dog. My “Sis”, as I like to call her.



Okaaaaaaay – I guess she’s cute! 😉

Grandma says hi!

Here is my Aunt and Uncle’s amazing STL home!!! Isn’t it gorgeous!


They have an awesome view!


Here’s UM getting the ribs ready for us!

Mmmmm. . .look at the deliciousness!

He makes THE best BBQ ribs!

UM & AC have little “neighborhood friends”. They came out to play towards the end of the night.

And Grandma gave Cupcake some love! 🙂

The red face is a combination of being in the sun for a while that afternoon and the wine that Grandma was drinking. I wonder what the dialysis doctors thought the next day! 😉 ha

Beautiful sunset!

That night, on our way home, we had to stop and get gas. Ric has a tendency to find THE most inconvenient times to go through the car wash. 1) It was raining all day and they were calling for storms all night. 2) I was flippin’ tired from the busy weekend and just wanted to get home and get in bed. ha Oh well, at least we had a clean car for approximately 2 hours (before the storm rolled in). “But it only cost $1.00.” blah blah blah hahaha

Thankfully, this weekend we don’t have a lot going on. I’m going to be spending time photo editing (story of my life, which is okay), we have an event on Saturday evening (more on that later, can’t tell you right now), and Sunday is going to be a relaxful day at home (I hope).

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 😀


I <3 Faces ~ Silhouettes

This week’s category over at I ❤ Faces is Silhouettes.

Here is my entry.
I absolutely LOVE this photo that I took at a maternity session I did.



Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I wasn’t kidding, was I?!?!
She absolutely, positively IS gorgeous, isn’t she?! (Kinda like a Barbie doll!!!!)

Yes, I sure did take this picture! 🙂

On May 23rd my cousin got married. I was her photographer. I’m sure you have been reading about the upcoming nuptials on my blog/Facebook page or somewhere a few hundred times in the past week or so. Well, it was a success!!! The gorgeous couple married, had a great ceremony, beautiful reception and GRANDMA MADE IT! 😀 😀

Let me just use this photo as proof that the wedding party was absolutely crazy, though they were a TON of fun!!! I don’t know how many times I heard something to the effect of, “Wow, you did awesome today. I don’t know anyone else that could handle a wedding party like that!” It’s okay, I had a great time!!!

And, let me use this photo as proof that GRANDMA made it to the reception. AND, she didn’t even leave until about 10:45 p.m. – what a trooper!!!!! How awesome. . .what a great feeling. This picture was taken during my Uncle’s speech, after he thanked guests for coming from all over the place and then specially thanked Grandma (his Mom) for making it to the wedding as well! He said that she said (exact words), “Come Hell or high water, I WILL be there.” She was right!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
I wish everyone had a Grandma this awesome!!! 😀

That is all for now. Come back later for more photos. 🙂

And the fun begins. . .

Yesterday started the BUSY weekend ahead of us!
I love weekends like this, though it always makes for an exhausted week afterwards! ha

Last night we had two pre-school graduations for two of the cutest little girls on the planet. (Yes, I’m sure you have seen pictures of them a LOT on my blog or on my photo blog!) Come back for photos later!

Friday after work we have a work function. My employer is taking all its employees and their spouses/families to the Grizzlies game. I LOVE Grizzlies games. They’re almost just as fun as Cardinals games. NO, you didn’t hear me say that!

Saturday is a busy day. It starts early in the morning with a hair/make-up appointment. I’m the photographer for my cousin’s wedding. Her and I were pretty close while we were growing up because we were the closest in age between all the 15+ cousins. I can not WAIT for this wedding, I have been waiting for it since the day they got engaged (on top of a mountain in Colorado). I’m the main photographer, so there won’t be much time for hanging out with family, but I’m still excited! 🙂 Maybe there will be some down time at the end of the evening.

Sunday and Monday are still both up in the air, but I’m sure it will be spent with family that is here from out of town for the wedding. 🙂

I can’t wait!

Another update: (In case you haven’t been following me on Facebook.)
My Grandma has been in this hospital for a while, it was four weeks this past Tuesday. I have been MAJORLY worried that she wouldn’t be out by the time of the wedding, so I had all intentions of kidnapping her Saturday morning for the wedding. With all that is going on, my Mom and Uncles have been talking to the doctors and made them aware of this. Just last night she was release from the hospital so that she could make it to my cousin’s wedding (her granddaughter). I was ecstatic when I found out, I literally cried tears of JOY.. ..I’m so happy that she is going to be able to make it to Courtney’s wedding (and that I don’t have to do the kidnapping). 😀 😀 It seriously made my day/week/month/YEAR!!!! She does have two small tubes hanging out of her neck where they have been doing the dialysis (sounds painful, but she reassures me that it is not, just feels like a stiff neck) and she will have to go back to the hospital after the weekend to have a biopsy done of her kidneys as well as some other tests, but the main this is, she is OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Also, if you haven’t stopped by my other blog to see all the fun I had last weekend, you should do that here! 🙂

ABCs of Me!

I stole this from Angie. . .thanks for the entertainment Ange! 🙂

A – Age: 30
B – Bed size: Half of a Twin size, since Hubby hogs it all!! (Queen really.)
C – Chore you hate: Unloading the dishwasher – which is why I just do the dishes by hand.
D – Dog’s names: We don’t have a dog, but my doggy Sister’s name is Cupcake (Mom and Dad’s dog.)
E – Essential start your day item: Kitty kisses from Elvis.
F – Favorite color: fucshia
G – Gold or Silver: white gold
H – Height: 5’3″
I – Instruments you play: zip, zero and none
J – Job title: Call Center guru (ha)
K – Kid(s): Just Elvis
L – Living arrangements: Hubby and I live in the same apartment that we have lived in for nearly 7 years with Elvis (RIP Jesse).
M – Mom’s name: Patricia Ann
N – Nicknames: Trish, TL, Sissy Lyn, Pete, Dingleberries (from the hubby)
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: It was after midnight when I finally got to go home. So not technically. That was for my car accident in ’97.
P – Pet Peeve: bad grammar (especially on-line), drivers in my way.
Please know there is a difference between your and you’re and than and then!
(Those are my two biggest ones!!)
Q – Quote from a movie: “Follow The Yellow Brick Road”
R – Right or left handed: right
S – Siblings: Adam (32) and Leah (24)
T – Time you wake up: 8:15 (or so)
U- First word that comes to your mind for “U”: unique
V – Vegetable you dislike: lima beans
W – Ways you run late: Hit snooze too many times.
X – X-rays you’ve had: Face (nose), arm, hand, knee, teeth – I think that is all.
Y – Yummy food you make: Ric says, “Trisha makes a mean bowl of cereal.” ha And definitely Mac N Cheese (from the box, duh).
Z – Zoo favorite: The whole Zoo!!! Lions and Tigers and Bears – OH MY!

37 years. . .

Today is a VERY important couple’s 37th Anniversary!!! 🙂


I think I need more pictures of Mom and Dad by theirselves!!! I don’t have too many. 😦




Picture taken on their cruise ~ Dec. ’08


Some of the BEST parents in the world!! 😀

Sad News

Monsignor Father Voss, the Pastor who married Ric and I, passed away this morning.

What a sweet man he was!! When we had to meet with him the few times before our wedding, he would always make us laugh. He was just a great guy. The whole afternoon of the wedding, he was making everyone laugh by calling Ric “Ricky” – which is what his Mom calls him. It was making us all giggle.



RIP Father Voss!!!

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