Crummy Poem

Roses are red
Violets are blue
T*BC would be awful
If it weren’t for you

You work hard all day
To keep paperwork flowing
The clients are yelling
But your smiles are still glowing

Now we’re changing the phones
The new system’s the latest
But we’re sure you will learn it
‘Cause you are the greatest

Pressure from Si*mon
The Court, and the rest. . .
Where would we be
If you weren’t the best?

Hope you have a good day
Now you can buy something yummy
And you won’t have to be bothered
By more po*ems that are c*rummy

This is the po*em that was sitting on my desk when I got to work today.
Included was a Gift Certificate to Che*esekeeper (wine/cheese store in Be*lleville).

I don’t think the po*em was crummy, I think it was clever actually.
Though I don’t know which one of our bosses, maybe all of them, wrote it.

Because today is Adm*inistrative Profes*sional’s Day. 😀

A few notes:
~ T*BC – Short for. . .where I work.
~ Si*mon – So*uthern IL Tr*ustee – UGH!!!!
~ We are switcing our phone systems to “Voice Over IP”.
(They’re plugged in through our computers, rather than into the wall.)
~ Most of our clients that we deal with on a regular basis are AWFUL!!!!!

In case you were wondering. . .
* – They’re there to break up the word, so that you’re not able to search for it through Google or another search engine, and then find this post! Just being safe. 🙂


8 Things

I was tagged by Kelly, at Corgi Butts.
(I just love the name of her blog, it makes me giggle every time I read/say/type it. ha)

If you haven’t met Gibson yet, go meet him now!

Thanks Kelly! 🙂

I started this post yesterday, so I have to go back and change a bunch of my answers.

In the meantime, I was also tagged by Sara over at “Why Rinse Chicken?” (Another funny name – but if you go read the meaning of the name, it is pretty inspiring!)

Thanks Sara! 🙂

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To
1…..4:00 p.m. (That is what time I get off work.)
2…..More wedding photography and second shooting with one of my favorite local photos – Sara from SJMacky.
3…..Spending time with family for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day (probably both).
4…..Grizzlies and Cardinal games this Summer – we don’t have tickets yet, but we’ll be getting some sometime soon.
5…..My cousin’s wedding in May – I’m the main shooter; with an awesome second shooter assisting me!
6…..Spending Labor Day weekend in Chicago (and getting to see Kelly, who I mentioned above).
7…..Ric finding the permanent job of his dreams – it’s coming soon, I just KNOW IT!!!
8…..When that finally happens, getting OUT of our apt., and buying a house! 😀

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1…..Woke up and got ready for work.
2…..Went home for lunch to spend some quality time with my boy, Elvis (kitty).
3…..Met hubby at Leaping Faith to buy a First Communion gift for our good friend’s daughter who is making her First Communion this coming Sunday. Unfortunately, they live in California so we won’t be able to be there. Fortunately, my BFF, who is her God-Mommy and her family is making the trip to CA, so she is delivering our gift for us.
4…..Went to Kohl’s with hubby to waste a few minutes before heading to dinner.
5…..Hubby and I went to dinner at St. Louis Bread Co. (Panera Bread). YUMMY.
6…..Went to Garden Ridge to waste another few minutes before it was time to head to the gym.
7…..Went to the gym; jogged for 10 minutes, then did my Cardio Dance one hour class.
8…..Went home and chilled with my boys (Ric and Elvis) for a few minutes and then did some photo editing.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1…..Take a Trip to Hawaii. – RIGHT now!
2…..Fly – As in on my own, not in an airplane.
3…..Read Peoples’ Minds – (sometimes)
4….Lose Weight Faster – (PCOS makes it HARD and SLOW!!)
5….Focus Easier – Sometimes I swear I have Adult ADD!!
6…..See Better – I would LOVE some Lasik surgery!
7…..Turn Photography Into My Full-Time Job – SOME day!!!! 😀
8…..Pull talent “out of the air”. – Instead of having to learn it/practice it.

8 Shows I Enjoy
(This is going to be hard, because I don’t watch much TV!)
1…..CSI: Miami – This is the only show that I MUST religiously watch, I love it.
2…..Law & Order: SVU – I don’t really care for the others too much.
3…..Without a Trace
(The rest are going to be shows that I just occasionally/rarely watch, but do enjoy when I’m watching them.)
4…..Food Network Cake Challenges (Especially the one Mom was on.)
5…..American Idol – Just haven’t gotten into it this year for some reason. (Probably because the gym has consumed my life.)
I can’t think of anymore, so we’re going to go way back!
6…..Full House
7….Friends – even the re-runs.
8…..Blossom or Brotherly Love – because my boyfriend was a star in those shows! hehe

8 People I Tag
(I only tagged people who I actually thought would participate! ;))
1…..Angie at Damask is Divine
2…..Pamela at Yada, Yada, Yada
3…..Beckie at Sitting on Bar Stools
4…..Yara at A Brand New Life Again
5…..Jamie at À Toi, Pour Toujours
6…..Brea at The Boyd Team
7…..Melissa at Simple.Positive.Happy
8…..Maria at When In Rome

Long Time – No Write

I know, it’s been a while!

Last weekend Ric and I made the trip to West Virginia. We started the trip out on Good Friday stopping half way in Louisville to tour the Louisville Slugger Factory/Museum. Then we got there and we met our God-Son for the first time, we toured Huntington, saw the house Ric lived for the first 9 months of his life, toured Marshall University where Ric’s Dad received his Masters, we were officially made God-Parents at our God-Son’s Baptism, etc. On the way home we stopped half way and spent some time at the Louisville Zoo. Needless to say, I have TONS and TONS of photos to share with you soon. Come back sometime this weekend to check them out!

Before I go, I wanted to post this giveaway – its a Monogramed beach towel. Who wouldn’t want one of those. 😉 Go here to enter.

I brought my baby to work today. . .

Seeeee. . .
This is “my baby”! 😉

I have a photography workshop after work, but before-hand I’m going to take a few pictures to finish up “my project” (that I will post about next week). I just really didn’t trust leaving it in my car the whole day!

Every time I leave my office, I tell my “roomie” to guard it with her life.
It’s kind of like carrying around “a brand new car” – that’s about how much it is worth. ha

{Please excuse the crappy cell phone picture!}


Two [heavy] cameras and 5 lenses, one of which weighs a ton!

YES, I sure do have backaches after carrying this thing around! 😦

One time I showed up not “wearing this” to a family function of my BFF’s , and her Dad said, “Trisha, is that you?????” Very confused I said, “Uhhh, yes. . .”. He says, “I didn’t recognize you without “that thing” on your back.” LOL

Do you want a new header?

Would you like a new header for your blog?

If so, check out Amy’s, which was made by Brandie. . .AND, Amy has posted a giveaway for one free header. 🙂

Giveaway Closed & Winner Announced

The St. Louis Arch photo print giveaway is closed.
Sorry! 😦
Come back next month for a different themed photo print giveaway.
It’s going to be a good one too, I promise! 🙂

So, you want to know who won????






keep scrolling!










#1 – Yara!

I didn’t fix it either, I PROMISE!
This is from


Yara – e-mail me or comment here with which picture you prefer and which size you prefer. 🙂


But wait!!!

If you’re interested in ordering a print, you can do so.
8×10: $6.00
10×14: $9.00
(Larger sizes available upon request!)

Thank you to everyone who entered!!! I hope to get a lot more entries next month!

While you’re here. . .

While you’re here visiting – please stop by my photography blog as well! 🙂







😀 😀 😀

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