Celebrity Status

Here are some of my search engine terms from yesterday:

pat jacoby food network challenge 3 (Mom has made me pretty popular the past few days. STALKERS 😉 )
Right now my Mom is in Atlanta (I think that is what city she is), for cake stuff (lessons and get togethers or whatever). Apparently she contacted a co-worker of hers, which happens to also be Sisters with my Aunt. My Aunt e-mailed and said that My Mom has turned into a celebrity. There are people there asking for her autograph, AND she even had to autograph an apron that they are auctioning off for something. How awesome. A celebrity Mom – how did I get so lucky?! 😀

A few more search engine terms:
disney classic cake challenge on the foo 3
ashley vicos 2
“the happy face” 2
ashley vicos on food network show 2
how to pronounce manas kyrgyzstan 1
mary poppins cake food network 1
disney classic cakes food network 1
auditioning for muny 2009 1
nine fine irishmen las vegas st patrick 1

I know the answer to this one! 😉
how to pronounce manas kyrgyzstan


Thanks to Peter, I learned how to pronounce a lot of the names of “cities” over in the Middle East, from when he was there at this time last year.

I miss Peter! 😦

That’s all for now! 🙂


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