Interview With Trisha

I found one of my favorite blogs through my friend, Jenn.
It is called “Wearing Mascara“. The author’s name is Julie and she is a great author. Go check out her blog!

A few days ago she was interviewed by someone and I read her responses. Then I chose to be on of her interviewees. These are the questions that Julie asked me.

Read to the end of this post to find out how you can be interviewed.

1. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are they like?
Yes, I have one pet. I like to call him my “furbaby”. I had two, until recently. On New Years, as most of you know, I lost my baby kitty, Jesse. I also have a “fursister”, named Cupcake. Of course, I can’t just talk about them, I have to post pictures of them also. Enjoy! 🙂
Here little Elvis, the prettiest kitty in the World!!

Here is Jesse, my little guy who I miss SOOOO much!

Brotherly Love

And here is my “fursister”, Cupcake.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I do NOT actually. Of course, as for most things, this doesn’t ALWAYS apply. Mostly I just do not believe in LOVE for someone, as in significant other, at first sight. Now, I do not have any children of my own (except my furbabies), but my BFF has three beautiful children, and I know that when you have a child, that is definitely love at first sight (even before you actually “see” them).

As far as love at first sight with a significant other, I do believe that you have to get to know someone before you can really LOVE them.

3. From the time you wake up to when you leave your house, what is your daily (M-F) routine?
My M-F routine is pretty much the same each day. My work hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. I work approximately one mile from home, so I only have to leave 10 minutes before I have to be at work. I try to start at least by 8:15 a.m., sometimes I don’t actually start until 8:20-8:25 a.m. I am NOT a morning person. I stay up until at least midnight each night, if not later, so that is why I get to “sleep in” so late in the mornings. I get out of bed, walk to my dresser and pick out a clean pair of underwear, I walk to the bathroom and start the shower and get ready to “hop” in. I hop in the shower and do my thing in there. I get out and get dressed. (I always put my PJs back on – because if I put the clothes that I want to wear that day on right away, I will have a wet shirt, because of my wet hair. See my reasoning there. ha) Then I gel my hair, blow-dry for a few minutes, brush my teeth, etc., and head to the bedroom to pick out what I’m going to wear that day. I get dressed, get my shoes on, and usually by then realize I am supposed to be leaving, or should have already left by then. Head to the car and drive to work.

4. What is your favorite or most inspirational blog and why?
Because I am a photographer, I subscribe to a TON of photographer blogs. So I have a LOT of photographers’ blogs as my inspiration. Just a few of my favorites are:
Dustin Izatt Photo – True inspiration. They are a husband/wife photography team. I LOVE reading their blogs and seeing their amazing photos. It made me love them even more when they commented on a few of my blogs (Jillian & Ricky and Julie & Nate), complimenting me on my photography. What an amazing feeling that was, because I’m not even NEAR as talented as they are (YET). That isn’t the only reason, they are VERY, extremely talented photographers and I can only hope to be as awesome as them some day!

Sara of SJMacky Photography – I have had the opportunity to second shoot with Sara twice. She has taught me so much. She is the reason I shoot in Manual, as opposed to Auto, now. I enjoy her blog posts and love seeing her photos. She has grown SO much since I started reading her blog. I just love her style!

Shelley Paulson Photography – I had the opportunity of meeting her one time, at my friend Amanda’s wedding, in Minnesota. She is an amazing photographer as well, and I love reading all about her amazing experiences with The Call, and stuff like that.

And last but not least. . .
Bobbi + Mike – If you have never heard of them before, you are obviously living under a rock! 😉 They are amazing. I just LOVE Bobbi’s personality too. I can only imagine how awesome she is in person from her blogging style. I giggle at least one time during each post she makes, because she is just that awesome! 🙂

5. Which part of your body is your favorite and why?
My favorite part of my body is my face. Mainly because of my baby blue eyes, my cute dimples (that everyone comments on) and my smile. Which, may I add, I use a lot. I LOVE to smile. 🙂 Even when I was a little girl! 😉





See what I mean?! 🙂 😀

Do you want to be interviewed?
The rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me” AND leave your email address in the comment!
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

EASY enough, correct?! Go ahead and leave me a comment and I will e-mail you with your 5 questions. Go NOW. 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amber
    Jan 20, 2009 @ 18:49:38

    Interview me! 😀 This sounds like fun!


  2. Maria
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 18:38:15

    That was a fun read!!!


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