Comical Relief

I enjoy being Ric’s comical relief. When he is having a bad day, hard time, etc., I LOVE to try my hardest to make him laugh! Heck, I love trying to get anyone to laugh, that is just one of my quirks!

Yesterday when I got home from work, our friend Christi was over, and they were trying to set up Ric’s new Playstation 3 that I got him for Christmas. Well, apparently it wasn’t going so well, because when I walked in the door I could just tell that he was a little on the cranky side. I chose to go ahead and go to Gold’s to do my work-out and get out of his way. (Yesterday was 3 for 3 at the gym, BTW. GO ME!!! 😀 ) Anyway, when I got home I was getting some ice for gimpy Christi (she is still on crutches from her broken foot). Apparently I dropped one. Later I went back in the kitchen to do something else, and with only socks on, stepped in a water puddle. I HATE wet socks, so I was irritated. Christi (the comic reliever that she is) says, “Hey don’t worry about it, I know it is frustrating, but you know that your man (Ric) just did 15 loads (slight exaggeration) of laundry, so I’m sure there are more where those came from.” Yeah, thanks. Good thought. So, my cell phone rings and I go to my bedroom and put on some nice, clean, dry socks. I come back out to do something else in the kitchen, and because I’m on the phone and not quite thinking clearly, what do I do? You guessed it. Stepped in the SAME water puddle. I’m on the phone, talking about wedding stuff with a friend, and start giggling. Go into the living room to tell Christi what I just did. I get off the phone, walk into the office, wet socks and all, and tell Ric what I just did. He just burst out in laughter. . .then I laughed some more. . .then I went to change my socks AGAIN. Only this time I walk back in the kitchen and clean up the water puddle. By the time my socks are dry, the water puddle is cleaned up and I sit down to watch some American Idol with Christi; Ric walks in the room and asks, “So, did you clean UP the water, or just leave it there again?” I proudly said, “YES, I sure did. THANK YOU!” Ric walks in the kitchen and steps in a water puddle. Apparently I either didn’t do a good job cleaning it up or there was another melted ice cube on the floor that I did not know about. LOL OOPSIES!! Sorry about that Ric. Ric took care of the mess, while Christi and I watched our American Idol. Interesting night, huh?!

Good story Trish!

Yep, this was me!!! (How cool to find something on-line SO fitting!)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 14:51:52

    Sometimes it’s those little thing that just make you laugh! I love those kind of moments.


  2. Cecilia Guseman
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 08:19:25

    LOL. Funny story! This sounds like something I would probably do.


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