These are a few of my favorite things. . .

I’m still trying to play catch up from the holidays.
Last night I finally got my pictures off of my two memory cards from both of my cameras. (The point & shoot and the 5D.)
I’m a little sad/ticked though. There are some pictures missing from my memory card. I’m not sure where the heck they could have gone, but I KNOW they are gone. I’m going to either have Ric take my memory card to Creve Coeur Camera, (or I’m going to do it after work) to see if they can find/save them. Sometimes they are able to do that, so remember that if you ever have that problem. I’m not getting my hopes up, just so that when I’m not able to get them back, I’m not too much more upset.

Anyway, since the pictures are not available yet (just saved in the folder, not actually in photobucket yet) I will just update with a few of my favorite Christmas gifts, since I don’t need those pictures for that.

First my favorite thoughtful gift, that had a lot of thought and work put into it:
My picture from my awesome husband. He had this picture from our wedding blown up and put it in a really pretty frame. I think he got a 16×20. (Not sure of the actual size.) I have it hung up right above our headboard, which is where it will stay until we get the Christmas decor down (see how behind we are), and then it will be put in the living room above the TV. He obviously knows me very well, because this is my FAVORITE wedding photo.

Next for my other FAVORITE gift:
70-200mm lens with image stabilization.
Ummm, HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have only been able to use this once so far, but can’t wait to use it more and more and more!!! I love it!


Another one of my favorites is my TOMTOM that I got. Actually; Ric, Bro, Sis, Sis’s b/f and I all got a TOMTOM for Christmas. šŸ˜€ I have already had the chance to use this also, but am excited that I will never have to go the computer, pull up google maps, print out directions on paper, and then have to follow directions from paper when driving somewhere new to me. I do that often, considering all the different places I have to go for photo shoots and such. EXTREMELY helpful.

And I CAN’T WAIT to set up and add pictures to my TEN INCH digital picture frame, which I got from my parent-in-laws. 10″ is GOOD size for a digital frame. I LOVE IT!

This isn’t the exact one, but I couldn’t find a picture of mine. It is wood though, which will look great in our living room!

Ric also got me an external DVD burner, which will be SO helpful when I’m burning DVDs for clients (all the pictures will fit onto one, rather than 7-8 CDs).

I also got one of these handy CHI straighteners, which is awesome!

A few other things I got from my parents are:
A hoodie from Fort Lauderdale (where they were just days before Christmas), Martini shirt that they bought on their cruise (just days before Christmas – which I wore on New Years Day), a picture frame with a picture of Mom and Dad from their cruise (which is SUCH a good picture of them), a cute Santa tray, then a few other misc. things.

From my Seelen Family Secret Santa I got a Sex in the City DVD (which I’m going to exchange for Mama Mia, since I already had that DVD), and a NKOTB Greatest Hits CD, (which I am going to exchange for the new NKOTB CD “The Block”, since I already had that CD.)

All in all, I think I had a GREAT Christmas this year! šŸ™‚

HOPEFULLY I will be able to get some more pictures posted tonight, since they are ready, just not uploaded into photobucket. šŸ™‚


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  1. Maria
    Jan 09, 2009 @ 14:34:53

    Those are fantastic gifts! Congratulations especially for the new lens!!


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