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First of all, I would like to start with two very special birthdays.
First is Mom’s (a little late), which was Christmas Day, December 25th. The first day of Christmas.
Second is Dad’s, which is today, January 6th. The twelfth day of Christmas.





Gosh, it seems like time is just slipping away lately!

I have so much stuff I want to post and so many pictures I want to share, but I just haven’t found the time. One of the coolest things we saw while we were in VA/D.C. was at Arlington Cemetary, the changing of the guards; but I haven’t even found the time to get the memory card out of my camera and upload them to my computer. GEESH!

Sometimes it has to do with the fact that I would rather spend some time with the ones I love on the couch, rather than spend my time in front of the computer. Not lately, we have been on the go, go, go since we got home from VA. First it was dealing with a sick cat, then dealing with the death of the sick cat 😦 , then other random things. Last night Ric and I started out our first night at the gym. We got Gold’s Gym memberships for Christmas from his parents (Mom). (Yes, we asked for them, she wasn’t trying to “tell us something”. ha) What a great feeling, even just working out for 30 minutes. . .to get back out and moving again. I was jogging in the mornings, and then it started getting too cold for that, so THANKFULLY I can go back to jogging, though inside instead of outside. We really enjoyed the gym last night. I did the elliptical a little (while Ric got changed – I got changed before we even left). Then we went into the cinema at Gold’s to watch some Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon while I did the bike and another sort of elliptical machine and Ric rode the bike for 20 minutes. Then he did some weight-lifting while I finished up on the treadmill. Afterwards we met up with our friend Christi at our house and then had to leave to pick up Peter from the airport. (He was just now coming home from Christmas with his family in Ohio.)

Speaking of Peter. . .a little catch up, he leaves for Germany (Air Force) in about 10 days. We’re sad. Wednesday a friend is making dinner for him and us and we’ll hang out and spend as much time with him as possible, with all the 4684138 things he has to do before he leaves for Germany. Then this coming Saturday is his going away party at another friends’ house. Not sure what else is going on or how much more time we’re going to get (or not get) to spend with him before he leaves us for three years (and quite possibly forever, considering there is no guarantee that he is coming back to IL after Germany). 😦 We’re going to miss him!!!!!! We’re looking on the bright side. We talked Christi, who is another good friend of ours, to move into the apartment that Peter was in. So instead of just anyone moving into our apartment building, we’re getting a close friend who is moving in there. How awesome is that?! It is going to be party central there, 24/7. I’m going to miss all the time we got to spend with Peter, but now we’re going to get to spend it with Christi. 😀


What else??. . . .
I need to post the few pictures that I took while in VA/D.C. of the family Christmas. Like I said in another post, I was kind of anti-Christmas, because I was upset that I didn’t have my other camera with me, so there aren’t too many of those. Plus the pictures from the Jacoby family Christmas. I think I took one picture of dinner at Rigazzi’s when we went last Monday. It is my uncle’s (who lives in CO) favorite restaurant, so we go anytime he is in town. Oh yeah, and the few New Years pictures I have. I guess, like I said before (and didn’t find time to post), come back later for some pictures.

It won’t be tonight, because we’re meeting the family for dinner for Dad’s b-day. He chose Olive Garden for dinner. I was hoping Red Lobster, but I guess since it is his birthday, we have to go where he wants to go. haha 😉

One more thing. . .which I wanted to save for last.
I need to thank my wonderful, caring, awesome, AMAZING husband for how amazing, awesome, caring and wonderful he has been the past few days. (Not that he wasn’t before, but I really just can’t describe how awesome he has been since Jesse passed.) ANYTIME and every single time I get teary eyed or he can tell I’m getting down, he will say, “Are you okay?” EVERY time I start to cry he will say, “Is there anything I can do?” He has just been the most caring man ever and it surely does make things [a little] better! How did I get so lucky?




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  1. Maria
    Jan 06, 2009 @ 17:31:32

    Good for you guys on joining a gym. I’ve been thinking about it but haven’t made the plunge.

    Your hubby sounds like a sweetie!


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