That is what I am. I’m SUCH a slacker.

I have a post that is almost ready to post, but I’m still waiting to add a few more pictures, but they’re on the computer at home, so it will have to wait until tonight or something.

I also haven’t done Christmas Cards yet. I always send them out with a cute little letter from Ric and I about what we have been up to the whole year, and I haven’t even started that either. I guess I should work on that soon, cosidering we’re at December 16th, and we leave for VA on the 20th, so I only have a few days to work on them.

Speaking of which. . .like I said, we leave on the 20th. On the 19th we have our work Christmas party, which starts at 3:00. I’m hearing that not a lot of “work” gets done that whole day, so I’m going to have to get ALL my work accomplished by either the end of today or the end of Thursday. I am taking a 1/2 vacation day Wednesday because that is what I have left to take before 12/17 (my anniv. date here). I have 1/2 vacation day left, and 85 hours of personal time left. We have to take vacation days by the date, the personal time, we just get paid for. SWEEEEEEET, that is one whole paycheck I’m going to receive. How awesome is that?! (I hear they will split it up between the next two pay checks; which sucks, but I can’t complain.) Ahhhhh, I’m stressed. It would help if some clients got their stuff to me by the date I requested it!!!

Like I said, SLACKER!




HOPEFULLY you’ll be hearing from me again this evening! It’ll be an exciting one! 🙂


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