Thanksgiving Weekend

I’m a little behind, I guess you could say.

We’re going all the way back to LAST Monday in this post, which was the day of Chris’s burial. That evening I met up with my BFF Colleen and a friend of ours that was in town from San Diego, Lisa. This was the only evening she was available, and I just wasn’t all “with it”, but I didn’t want to miss out on seeing her. We haven’t seen Lisa in YEARS. . .I’m pretty sure it has been almost 8 or so. Lisa, Colleen and I (Oh, and Baby B) had dinner at Olive Garden, ate too much and had a good chat! It was so good seeing her after SO long!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving.
We got up and got ready and went to Highland. Ric finished putting up the lights that he was in the process of putting up when we got the call about Chris. Then we went over to Grandma’s. This year just was NOT the same. I LOVE going to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays, and Ric actually gets to join us. . .so it is awesome. (We’re (or he is) always in VA for Christmas so he/we miss out on Grandma’s for Christmas Eve.) Though, like I said, this year just wasn’t the same. Usually we have a house FULL, this year was way tooooo quiet!!! My Mom grew up with four brothers; one of which has 7 children, one who has 2 children, one who has 3 children and one who has 1; and then Mom’s 3. Plus the great-grandkids (there are 5 now). One Aunt and Uncle moved to Switzerland this year so they weren’t there, a few cousins are away at college now, so they weren’t there, an Aunt and Uncle that live in CO and a cousin that moved there about 2 months ago, Sis was in VA for Thanksgiving with her b/f’s family (we really need to plan that better) and Big Bro wasn’t here because he moved to CO a few months ago. It was a quiet Thanksgiving, and I did NOT like it! I like the loud hustle and bustle . . .and we missed out on Bunco this year too because there weren’t enough people there. Everyone will be home for Christmas, but I won’t be. 😦 Though HOPEFULLY I’ll get to see everyone around New Years because we get back on the 28th.

Grandma still has it at her house, but this is the FIRST year that she didn’t do all/most of the cooking. It is about time she handed it over to us, she is almost 90-years-old, after all (in January). She said she woke up that morning and said to herself, “I don’t know what to do.” Because there wasn’t anything for her to do, because my Mom and one of my cousins did most of it. Ric cooked the green bean casserole (which was awesome). Mom ordered the pies this year instead of G-ma making them too. I can’t believe I only took ONE picture that day. I’m a little ashamed of myself! ha
Though, of course, it is a picture of the best part of the whole day!
LOOK at that chocolate pie!!! Could it get any taller!?! haha

The next day we went back to Highland for Ric to hang lights for Grandma and I went to Mom’s shop to watch Mom practice with Ashley (who was here from Atlanta) on their Food Network cake. (It was looking good. . .I can’t wait!!) Um. . oh yeah. . .I forgot to post about that. WHAT was I thinking?! Mom and her friend Ashley were chosen to be in one of the Food Network Cake Challenges. The taping is December 9th, and they don’t have an air date yet. I will make sure I post about that when I find out an air date. GO MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

That evening we took one of my youngest cousins to the “Here Comes Santa Clause” parade that they have in Highland every year. Before heading over to the parade I got a few pictures of the front of Mom’s shop all decorated for Christmas. She’s so creative (duh) and always makes it look so pretty. (These pictures do NOT do it justice, at all! They are just pictures from my P&S camera too.)
Those are two leaning Christmas trees to make one Arch-type thing in the back.

There’s “Patrick” holding a Christmas cake. Along with a few of his friends. So cute!



Off in another window to the other side of the shop.

I haven’t been to the parade in SO long. . .it was good to see some familiar faces and chat with a few old High School friend as well! I only got ONE picture of the parade, (too busy chatting).

After the parade Santa gets out of his float and walks to the pavilion. They announce the winner of the float contest. I had to take a break and have a picture taken with my little cuz! 🙂 (He looks he’s thinking “Ew, get off me. . .girls have cooties!”) haha

Then they do a countdown to light up the square. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . .


(It was too “busy” to get a good picture of the square, and I only had my P&S camera too.)

Saturday I had a family shoot. Then we met up with my BFF Colleen to have dinner with her, her husband and their adorable children. She was telling me about the drive to the restaurant. The 4-year-old saw Christmas lights and started getting all excited about it and the TWO-year-old looks at her and says, “What are you freaking out about?” I think I laughed for about 10 minutes after I heard that, it was hilarious! She is quite a character.

Sunday we spent the day getting the Christmas decorations out. Got the Christmas tree up, but needed new lights. Monday we got the lights on the tree, and tonight we finished putting on the ornaments. So come back later for some Christmas decor pictures. 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 11:50:48

    You had a busy weekend! Glad it was a good one!


  2. Cecilia
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 15:52:47

    Your mom’s shop looks too cute!!!! You ladies are so talented.


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