Honeymoon 2005 ~ Day 3 ~ 11/15/05

Time for Day 3. Day 3 was the day we arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Though it wasn’t until about 5:00 when we docked there, so we had the morning/afternoon on the ship.

We just hung out on the ship and went to lunch on the ship that afternoon.
And, apparently took some silly pictures.

Then we stopped by the floor with the photos again, and took pictures of our pictures from the night before. None of them were too good, so we decided not to buy any of them.

Then (because it was November and started getting darker earlier), it was time for Sunset.

Then we went and got ready for our evening, because it was almost time to arrive at San Juan.

We spotted a Sheraton, so I had to take a picture, since that is where our reception was.

When we arrived in San Juan, we had to meet with our shore excursion group.
If you have never been on a cruise, the way it works is you plan shore excursions while you’re still on the ship. They suggest that you book the earlier, because they fill up early. Then when you arrive at that destination you meet up with your group and then usually get on a tour bus, or something of that sort, and head to your excursion. We chose the “Night Life Tour.” (Pretty fitting, considering we were there at night.) One of our new friends that we met while waiting in line to get on the ship Sunday morning (who also got married 11/12/05) was on this tour also, so we “hung out” with them. We basically just drove around in a tour bus and the tour guide explained everything we were seeing, the places near where we ported that were popular and more about San Juan. While we were on our tour, we stopped to get out a few times. This was one time we stopped to get out. We were standing in front of a full moon (which is that tiny little spot to the right in this picture.)

Then we were let off in the “shopping district” which was walking distance back to the ship. This is where Walgreens saved the day. Bought the rest of the make-up I needed and a few other things and then headed back to the ship. The thing about these shore excursions is that you have to be back at the ship ON TIME, the ship will NOT wait on you. It made me a little nervous, as I did NOT want to be left in a foreign country (without my Mommy – haha). So we made sure to get back there in time. We did stop at a little “hole-in-the-wall” burger joint right by the ship, rather than getting on the ship and going to the dining room. It was quite tasty. Then we headed back to the ship.
Here is our ship, all lit up.

We found some PALM TREESSSSSSSSS! (Inside joke-I like to YELL that when I see one, I love them so much!)

Right by the front of the ship, a gentleman had these birds and people were having their picture taken with them. You had to pay him to have a picture taken, he would take it with this Polaroid, but then he would “take a picture with YOUR camera for free.” It was cheap, so why not!

He did a pretty good job! πŸ™‚

Then it was back on board. Then we walked around the ship to check out the on-ship nightlife.
We found this octopus.

This is what we found in our room that night.

This time a real elephant. I’m thinking yesterday’s animal was an ant eater or something. ha OOPS

I think this was the night that I went back to the room and went to bed and Ric went to the auditorium for another “Rated R” comedy show. I was ZONKED!! (Yes, we were on our honeymoon, yet spent time alone. . .that’s just how we are. ha)

I’m having a great time re-living our honeymoon. I wish we were in the Caribbean RIGHT now! 😦


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  1. Carmina
    Nov 17, 2008 @ 23:21:26

    I have had fun living vicariously through you & looking at your awesome pics! Makes me wanna be there right now! I hate the cold weather now!

    Just so you know, I tagged you on my blog, check it out!


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