Mander & Nicky-Poo

Today is Amanda and Nick’s FIRST anniversary.

I met Amanda (aka Mander or Mana) through Wedding Announcer (the wedding site for which I am a Moderator). We met for the first time in June of 2006 for Jacqui and Billy’s wedding. She took the Amtrak to St. Louis Thursday evening (at the time she lived in KC, MO). On Friday we drove to Louisville, KY, where the wedding took place, Saturday attended Jacqui and Billy’s wedding at the Louisville Zoo, and on Sunday we drove back to STL, where I dropped her off at the Amtrak station to go back home. Later that year, she drove to STL for Kristen and Brad’s wedding, which took place in STL.

Then it was Mana’s turn. Oct. 6, 2007. Amanda grew up in Minnesota, which is where her wedding took place. On Friday Ric and I drove the 8 hours to Minnesota, then attended the hayride that the bride’s family hosted that evening. Saturday was the ceremony/reception. We also got to meet Karen (aka Tinks) and Jeff in Minnesota (they are from State College, PA). Karen is another WA member.

Here are a few pictures from the ceremony/reception.

Amanda’s parents walking her down the aisle.

During the vows (we were kind of in the back of the church).




Here is Amanda with Vlad. Vlad is our traveling wedding goer. He started traveling to WA weddings in 2006 when he went to Kristen and Brad’s. Then he made a visit to Karen and Jeff’s wedding in 2007 in PA. Then to Amanda and Nick’s wedding. The last wedding that he has been to was Tim and Jenn’s wedding, which was in May of 2008, in Indiana. Vlad is quite the pimp!

Bride and groom with Vlad.

Going to take some pictures.

When I took this picture, Amanda’s Mom was right in the middle of saying: “Ohhh, now we’re going to be on the internet.” (She knew we would be posting pictures.) How cute is she?!?! And if she only knew that she was STILL being posted on the internet! 😉
Some of THE cutest parents I have ever met!

They played a little game at the reception where they would put couples’ names in a bag and instead of them kissing everytime someone “tinked” their glasses, they chose a couple’s name out of the bag and that couple had to stand up and kiss. What a fun game! 🙂
This was the one time that they kissed.

Here’s Karen, Manda and I. Again, all three girls who met on Wedding Announcer.
We’re awesome!!!

Here’s Ric (my hubby), Nick (Mana’s hubby) and Jeff (Karen’s hubby).
I think they could be BFFs! 😉

We’re dancing with Mana’s man!

Here is Karen and I “pole dancing” (outside, not in front of guests). It was an inside joke – having to do with a girl on the board who asked if it would be okay that she have pole dancing at her wedding. “If we still had clothes on, would it still be tacky?” – she asked. WOW, that was awesome! Good times!

Here we are with Vlad. This picture was taken by Amanda’s awesome photographer out of MN. Shelley Paulson Photography

The rest of the weekend was spent at the Minnesota Zoo and then at Mall of America. We had a great little trip!

At the aquarium inside the Mall of America. This was SO much fun. We got the “Behind the Scenes” tour and got to go above the aquarium and feed the fish and see all kinds of cool stuff!

Touching the stingray.

Out in the Mall of America.

At dinner that evening at the Bubba Gump Restaurant. Vlad had to make an appearance that evening too.


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  1. Maria
    Oct 14, 2008 @ 11:33:17

    I love that Vlad is in many of the pictures!!! 🙂


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