Are you sexy? As sexy as this???

If so, you can send your pictures here.

(PROMISE this is work safe – unless you get in trouble for bursting out in laughter. LOL)

I’m pretty sure I have a few pictures I could send. LOL
Though, I think I will let public humility stay as far as here, rather than sending them. Hmmmmmmm . . .maybe I will get up the guts to send them one of these days.

Also, I cheated last night.
I went to the store to buy something to bring for the pot luck today (staff lunch), instead of homemaking something. Obviously not too many people minded, considering the cake I bought (don’t tell Mom) was gone by the end of the lunch.
It kind of looked like this. . . .but not really (since it was from Shop N Save). But I PROMISE it tasted good! 😉

ETA: Yes, I realize that the first time I posted this, I had a major typo and it was irritating me, so I re-posted!! 🙂


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