Ode to our AWESOME Wedding Cake!!

I got an exciting call from Mom this evening.

Do you watch the show My Fair Wedding? The host is pretty cute. His name is David Tutera.

Anyway, the show My Fair Wedding contacted Mom about using our wedding cake in their show. There won’t be a whole episode about it or anything, but it will be used in the introduction to the show each week. (You know – how shows have the same introduction video before each episode.)

How cool is that?!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennelle
    Oct 01, 2008 @ 22:35:42

    I’ve never seen the show, but how exciting!


  2. Aimee
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 01:29:23

    Very cool! David Tutera is very well-known for planning weddings and other parties! Let us know if it works out. How did they find out about your cake?


  3. Katie
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 10:27:26

    Very cool!! Will they just be showing a picture of it? That is awesome!!


  4. Carmina
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 14:05:56

    How friggin awesome is that???!!!! Can’t wait to watch the show!


  5. Morissa
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 14:18:49



  6. Maria
    Oct 02, 2008 @ 15:56:26

    That is fantastic! Your cake still blows me away!!!


  7. lyricspoetic
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 19:07:10

    My friend works as a production assistant on this show. I have a funny wedding cake on my page too. Wedding cakes fascinate me. I used to be a pastry cook. I just love the art.


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