We Will Never Forget!

I can never get enough of hearing everyone’s stories about where they were on this tragic day.


Where were you when you heard about the first plane hitting the first World Trade Center?

I can definitely remember it like it was yesterday.  I worked in downtown St. Louis, but at the time lived 45 minutes away in Illinois.  I drove into work that day for some reason, whereas I usually rode the Madison County Transit bus.  I can remember I was near Exit 111 (near Granite City), listening to the MJ & BJ Morning Show (which is now just the MJ Morning Show), and they were talking about a “freak accident” and how a plane just accidentally crashed into the first World Trade Center.  No one could believe it.  At that time it was just a “freak accident.”  No one at the time knew what was to come in the next few minutes/hours/days/years, etc.  I get downtown and park and walk into work.  Of course every one is talking about it, so we go into one of the attorney’s offices who has a TV to watch more of the “freak accident.”  While we are standing there watching it, is when the second plane flew into the other WTC.  Now everyone KNEW that it wasn’t a freak accident and that it was an act of terrorism.

It was quite scary, as I worked in the tallest building in Missouri parallel with the Arch.  How were we to know that we weren’t the next ones to be hit?

I remember calling home to see if everyone was awake and aware of what was going on.  Ric and I had both stayed at my parents’ house the night before, so Ric was there with Mom and my brother.  Dad was at work and Sis was a Junior in High School so she was at school.  My brother, the most unsentimental guy I know says, “You need to come home Trisha.”  Again, we were terrified that because we were in the tallest building in MO that we were next, perhaps.  After watching for a while and that being the only thing at work that was getting done (NO work, whatsoever), the Metropolitan Square Building was evacuated.  So, I did as any other American was doing at the time.  I went home and turned on the TV and didn’t leave it until it was time for bed that night.

Its amazing the emotions and stuff that were going on in our area.  I can NOT even imagine what it was like in downtown NYC, near the Pentagon, etc.

I know that it is the only thing that I have been thinking about all day today too.  Its kind of hard to work with such a thing on your mind.  I know I’m not the only one that is going through that either.

If you do such a thing, say a little prayer for families, friends, etc. that have been effected by this tragedy!!  I know I will!


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