Holiday Weekend – Labor Day

Well, it definitely wasn’t too eventful!

Friday we met for dinner with my BFF and her family, as well as my other BFF who has moved to Napa Valley, who was in town for a visit. It was great to see her and her adorable daughter (her hubby was having a “guys’ night”). After that, we went to her house to chill and watch the children play dress up. It was quite entertaining. From the time we got back from her house until Monday afternoon, we didn’t even leave the house. Ric played lots of video games and I did a LOT of photo editing. I got my last wedding done (finally), as well as an engagement session and a father/son session. I have already posted the engagement session, but have not posted about the father/son session, because Dad requested I not post them. (He doesn’t like posting his son’s pictures on the internet.) They turned out SO cute though!

Monday I met up with my Mom and Grandma to do some Target shopping. Then we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. I LOVE their salad bar! Then to Joann’s Fabrics to buy some background fabric to take some pictures of some display cakes my Mom has done, which are going to be entered into a magazine. (Which, were taken yesterday evening.)

So, like I said, a very very uneventful holiday weekend. That’s okay, it was very relaxing and I got a LOT accomplished.

Its already Wednesday. That is awesome!

My Bro, who moved to CO a few months ago, is in town for a visit. This past Christmas him and my Dad’s Christmas gift was tickets to the BMW PGA Tour Golf Tournament, which is this whole week, here in St. Louis. Though, because Dad had to work yesterday and today, Ric is getting to use his ticket. He is getting to go tomorrow also, with my sister.

Its like his dream. He is having a ball. He got about 7 autographs yesterday, one of which is the golfer that my sister is in love with. Gosh, I forgot his name though. Darn it.

My brother has all the pictures though, because for his b-day (last month), he got the new Rebel XTI. (The love for cameras – I think its a family thing.)

What is definitely NOT a family thing is the love of golf. You won’t hear about me being at the PGA tour as a spectator. Golf makes me tired! I never really did get into golf like the rest of my family, even Mom likes it. Older Bro and Younger Sis even got golf scholarships to college. NOPE, not me.


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