Fun, Bonzais, Cards v. Braves, Three-Oh, and Clients ~ OH MY!

A little bit of randomness. =)

~Last night Katie and Christi came over and we had burgers and Mac n Cheese. It was good. Mac n Cheese was made HOMEMADE, compliments of my lovely husband, and it was DE-LIC-IOUS! Then we played Buzz Word, which is always a good time. Especially when there is alcohol involved. (NOT me, but the other three.)

~This is the Bonzai plant that we sent my Mother-in-Law a few weeks ago, as a thank you, because, well, she’s awesome. When trying to pay her back for our awesome furniture (that I still have not blogged about), she wouldn’t let us. How awesome is that. FREE furniture. SWEET! =D But that isn’t the only reason she is awesome, there are so many other reasons too. I have been blessed with an AWESOME mother and an AWESOME mother-in-law. How did I get so lucky? Anyway, I wonder if its still alive. She said that she would TRY to keep it alive at least until we are there for Christmas in December, so that I could see it. I wonder how she is doing. 😉 I think it’s pretty! I would get one for myself if I thought I could keep it alive. There is no way I could do that though, no “green thumb”, green finger or anything on this body!

(Now I think I need to send something pretty to my Mom, for our awesome vacations this year. (Me to FL and Ric to Vegas. Mom and Dad paid for the airline tickets, most of my vacation and some of Ric’s vacation. But Dad doesn’t care about flowers, so we’ll send them to Mom instead.) I’m in a flower sending kinda mood.)

That was July’s Bonzai. August’s Bonzai is the Pomegranate Bonzai. Hmmmm, I wonder if it smells good like pomegranate fragranced stuff. Its not quite as pretty as the other one though.

~I think Ric and I are going to go to a Cardinal game this weekend. No, we don’t have tickets yet, but we’re planning on it. I was waiting to hear back from Mom to see if her and Dad wanted to go and what day they could go. We can only make it to either the Friday evening or the Sunday afternoon game, as I have a Big Brothers Big Sisters event to photograph on Saturday. I guess we COULD make it to Saturday’s game, because I don’t have to be to the event until 5:30, but I think I would rather go on a day I don’t have anything else going on really. (I do have a maternity session Sunday morning, but those don’t take long.) The reason we are trying to go this coming weekend is because they’re playing the Braves. Before I met Ric, he was an avid Braves fan. Then he met the Jacoby’s, and we lured him into the Cardinals fan zone. He has become more and more of a Cardinals fan since then. He was always kind of one, but a lot more since the Braves suck the past few years anyway. ha I don’t even know if he would wear his Braves gear to the game this weekend, because I heard him say the other day how much he thinks they suck. ha I don’t know. I guess we’ll see.

~I can remember the first Cardinals vs. Braves game that I went to with Ric. We invited, at the time, our good friend Eddie and “third wheel” (who has since “disappeared” for women), to go with us. That is when the disappearances were starting, Ric was getting a little sad because when I came into the picture, Ric was still around all the time (that is a long story for another day). Anyway, we invited him, he said yes, then called and said NO, and I thought Ric was going to blow a fuse. Ric and I were already at the game when he called and said he wouldn’t be there. Again, I thought Ric was going to blow a fuse. Eddie sensed the maddness, and said “Chill you fool, look 4 rows behind you.” And there sat Eddie. He was just pushing Ric’s buttons (which isn’t hard to do – he’s Irish). Eddie and I both were in Cardinals clothes and Ric in Braves. I thought we were going to get thrown out of the stadium, because of Ric. Fans around us were booing Ric. Though he was loving every minute of the attention, I promise you that! It made for an interesting, extremely fun night. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Here are a few pictures. Apparently that night Ric and I didn’t take a picture together. 😦
These are from back in 2000.

Ever since this picture, I have always wanted a picture of Fredbird and I. But, he is a busy, busy little guy!

Here is a picture of Ric and I from the August 2007 Cards v. Braves game.
I know that I have more, because we try to go at least once a year (though I know that we have missed a few years), but I am not sure where those pictures are at the moment.
This is one of my favorite pictures of us! =D

~I hate it when you send the Court an Order for a Motion that you filed with them, and then they send back the Order denying (in bold letters) whatever you asked for. It makes your heart fall through your body. Though, sometimes that’s life. (Never fault put on you either, its the Court’s decision.) Atty just has to take a different route.

~I think I want to start blogging more. Random stuff is fun.

~I’m ONE month and one week away from the BIG THREE-OH.
So, how does that make me feel??? Well, I realized it a few minutes ago when I looked at the calendar, and had a miniature heart attack. But I think I’m okay with it.

~I’m looking forward to this weekend. I have a different kind of photo shoot. Its for a Big Brothers Big Sisters event. But, also, this weekend is the art fair in Fairview Heights at Long Acre Park. That is RIGHT across the river for you MO-ians. 😉 This is a nationally recognized art festival too, so it should be a good one. (This is my first time at this one, I usually go to Art on the Square in Belleville.) They have stuff for the kids to do also. I always love going there to see all the different photographers’ work. I enjoy all of it really, though. Oh, and its FREE.


Dear Clients,

Client #1. I do not need to know that you can’t even afford to “wipe your butt” anymore. It is also not my fault that you are going to be living in your 18-wheeler. Yes, I feel for you, but I’m really just doing my job. We’re on YOUR side, not the Trustee’s. . we’re trying to help YOU, not him. Please stop cursing at me on the phone.

Client #2. I do not need to know that “your house is so bad that you have dookie in your bathtub.” That is just gross, and I do not want a visual of that OR to hear about it! Thanks.

Bankruptcy clients are quite interesting!


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