Ricky Bear

Meet Ricky Bear.  Ricky Bear is a bear that Ric has had since he was a baby.

I mistakenly made fun of him one time, because he is falling apart and I said he was “ugly” (GASP) – Ric called his Mom and “told on me.”  (This was when Ric and I first started dating.)    It was then that I learned that Ricky Bear is part of the family and you DO NOT make fun of him!  haha

Ricky Bear “bearly” fits into clothes from Build-a-Bear, most of it is a little big for his smaller figure (ha).  But, here he is all dressed up.

~As you will learn in a future blog (that I have been working on all morning), Ric is a Braves fan (or at least was, ha).  Here is Ricky Bear dressed for baseball season.

~Here is Ricky Bear dressed up for Halloween in his Batman costume.

Ricky Bear dressed for Christmas.

With his “girlfriend” Priscilla – dressed for Christmas.

Here is Ricky Bear sporting his souvenirs from New York ~ Jan. 05)
(We got the 2005 glasses in Dec. 2004, we left NY the day before New Years Eve.)

~And here is Ricky Bear (and Priscilla), dressed up as Bride and groom – on our wedding day (when we stopped at the house to have some pictures taken with the cats).

 He also has an Irish outfit, which he is still wearing right now.  And, and every day outfit.  Other accessories he also has are his Birthday hate and blow horn thing, that he wears for families’ birthdays.  I don’t have pictures of him in those outfits though.

I think these are all the pictures I have of Ricky Bear. 
These are all pre-professional camera.
I think Ricky Bear needs to have his own photo shoot!  😉


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 23:24:44

    Those are hilarious! Ricky Bear is so cute!


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