Orlando – Day 2

Today Dad and I slept in a little bit, got ready and went to Hollywood Studios.  Which, used to be called MGM Studios (or something like that), but they changed the name recently, because it was still called MGM when we were here this past Oct.  Anyway, we went there today, just Dad and I.

We started off at the Tower of Terror, got a fast pass.  Then to eat lunch.  Then we went to Aerosmith’ Rockin’ Roller Coaster to get a fast pass.  Then back to Tower of Terror to ride it.  Its always a good time.  Then we went to a few other things, Back Lot Tour, then back to ride Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster, which is awesome.  Then we did a few more things, one of which was awesome.  It was the car stunt show.  Exciting and intense, all at the same time.  ha  (I did some video of that one.)  Then we had dinner at a Sci-Fi Drive-In restaurant.  Then we went to the Ampitheatre there to wait for Fantasmic, which was awesome.  Then it was time for the park to close.  Now we’re home, waiting for Mom and Sis.  (They are at dinner with some cake people.  Its the last night of their convention.)

I wish my Bro could/would have joined us, and miss Ric terribly too!  😦

Not sure what tomorrow brings, but Dad and I are already prepared, because Mom is in charge now, so no more sleeping in!  😦  ha


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