Orlando – Day I

I’m probably not going to be able to do this every night, but the nights that I am able to, I will go ahead and write.  No pictures until I get home though.  😦

HI GUYS!  I’m in Orlando.  WOOOOhooo!
Mom and Sis are here for the ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe) Convention.  They left IL Tuesday morning.  Dad left IL to come down (Mom’s car was full with cake displays) on Wednesday morning.  I left Friday evening after work. 

I arrived last night around 11:30 EST, after a ROUGH good-bye to STL.  Well, I was leaving my husband behind, and it was a rough good-bye at the airport (which meant a horrible case of puffy eyes this morning)!  I guess I am just sad that I’m here having a good time and experiencing all kinds of new things, while he is at home, all by his lonesome.  (I’m sure he is enjoying his quiet time!)  (BUT, don’t worry, the first weekend of August, he is on his way to Vegas withOUT me, so we’re even.  ha)

Today’s Adventure:
Dad and I woke up (we slept in) and got ready.  We ran an errand for Mom to Kinkos for some papers for her demonstration tomorrow (Sunday).  Then we met Mom and Sis at the Contemporary (which is where they are staying until tomorrow, while the cake convention is going on-Dad and I are staying at a resort, which is where they will be staying with us starting tomorrow night, which is only about 5 minutes from Disney world grounds).  Went to the “cake room” to see all the COOL cakes (don’t worry, I took pictures).  Then hung out there for a little while meeting all of Mom’s cake friends and such.  I FINALLY got to meet Nick, a cake friend of my Mom’s, who is a Food Network judge.  (The same guy who did Princess Di’s wedding cake years ago – how awesome is that?!)  He’s a cool guy.  I felt like I was meeting a celebrity.  After that, Dad and I headed over to Epcot.  Got there, went on the ride in “the big ball”, tried to go on the “Test Track” ride, but they closed down because of the weather (it only sprinkled), and then headed to the Space Training ride, got a fast past ticket, went to the Nemo ride (which was INTENSE (exaggerating!)).  Then headed back to the space training ride, which made both Dad and I a little nausious.  Then we headed to dinner, which was the highlight of the evening.  We ate in Japan, at a Japanese restaurant, where they cook the food right in front of you.  It was neat.  (I have eaten at the one in STL, but this was Disney World.)  Right as we were coming out of dinner, the fireworks/laser show started, so we watched that.  Then went back to the Monorail, to take it back to the Contemporary where Dad’s car was.  First we stopped off at Mom and Sis’s room, to help Mom practice for her demonstration tomorrow.  How awesome is this, her demonstration SOLD OUT.  That means she is giving this in front of 200 people.  (She only expected 20-30).  Mom’s a “sell out.” ha  (It only proves how awesome she is.)  Mom is demonstrating these roller things that she invented.  They’re awesome, and only a cake person would understand how awesome they are (and a cake person’s daughter).  She tried to patent it, but it was a pain in the booty (she said), so she didn’t.  Instead, she is going to just show everyone her “trick”, and share her secret.  Isn’t that nice of her.

Well, Dad is already in bed, and I need to be heading that way now.  (Its 12:44 EST).  Another fun day to come tomorrow.  Dad and I aren’t sure what we’re going to do.  But this is some great bonding time for Daddy’s Girl and her Daddy! =D


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  1. Katie
    Jul 20, 2008 @ 15:22:47

    Cool. My cake instructor is there too. Her name is Patricia (Pat) Kratz. There are probably a million people there, but I thought that was pretty neat. Congrats on your mom for selling out! She is awesome!


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