Buenas épocas. . .

. . .means “Good times” in English.

Friday a BUNCH of girls got together at Rhonda’s for some Nachos, drinks, laughs and even a pinata (thanks to Nicole). Needless to say, it was a LOT of fun.

Quote of the night: “I want to f*ck your shoes.”
In Carrie language, that means “Your shoes are awesome.” 🙂

Here is our lovely, colorful pinata.

Everyone hanging out, ready for the pinata.

Nicole stuffed the pinata for us, with lots of LOVELY stuff! She also had the cute blindfolds and sticks to “beat” the pinata with.

Theresa and Rhonda’s puppy.

The hostess with the mostest starts off the pinata.

Theresa’s turn.

Kristal’s turn.

I swung at it sometime around here, but I obviously don’t have a picture of myself swinging at it. ha

Maria’s turn.

Yara’s turn.

Mary’s turn.

Sarah’s turn.

Ame in action!

After the pinata FINALLY broke, everyone ran over to grab some goodies. Nicole stuffed it with some really awesome stuff. . .here is the evidence. My new bra. ha 🙂

After the pinata there was more chatting and hanging out. Some girls got in the hot tub, some girls sat inside and talked, some sat inside and talked, we ate more food, had some yummy desserts, etc., etc., etc.
Mary was showing off her last Bridesmaid dress. Isn’t it LOVELY! (I was in a hurry and cut her head off.)

Carrie with her awesome shades on.

I left pretty early (well, if you call 12:25 early), because I had a wedding to shoot ALL day Saturday (more on that later).

This is what I came home to. Ric, Sis Leah and Mike playing Rock Band (and being obnoxiously loud!)

Ric’s rockin’ it.

Check out Mike’s new bra. Recognize that? ha


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. julia
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 03:09:06

    the bra on your friend Mike is TOO much. I love it:)


  2. Maria
    Jul 01, 2008 @ 16:05:08

    Love the pics! It was great to meet you and hang out!!


  3. Carrie
    Jul 02, 2008 @ 03:33:52

    Looks like everyone had a great time… and must say I love your new bra – I’m jealous 😀


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