I’ll have to remember this the next time Mom needs green onions from the store!

(Inside joke. . .MAYBE, I was being a little brat on Father’s Day, because of some “issues” I was having.)

Saturday, Mom called after her cake deliveries and was on her way to go look at some display homes in the area because Mom and Dad are thinking about building a new house (in Highland).  We were more or less just looking at the houses for the floor plans.  Mom found one that she really liked out at Far Oaks in Fairview Heights.  I LOVED it as well.

The one that she liked best was the Far Oaks Providence.  Although, the floor plan is very different than the one that we saw on this website.  The one that we liked best had a very open floor plan on the main floor with the kitchen/breakfast room/dining room/living room, etc.  More or less because Mom LOVES to entertain, and would like it more open so that everyone can be all in the same area.  Makes sense.  When we thought we were done looking at floor plans, we were heading to Fairview Heights’ Creve Coeur Camera.  We never did make it there, Mom decided we should drive out to Chesterfield to see if we could find any model homes open in that area.  We ended up in Wildwood, MO, with no luck finding any model homes (in the price range that Mom was looking for. – The ones we found were all too small.)  Then we ended up in Chesterfield, with no luck there either.  Oh well.  As we were heading home, we ended up at Creve Coeur’s CCC (off Olive).  The place is huge, and I always feel like I’m in heaven when I’m there.  ha  The main reason I was going there was to purchase a flash difuser for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters even that I’m photographing on Wednesday evening (how exciting!!!!).  Then I picked up the flash extender, just to check it out.  Mom tells the guy “She wants that too.”  Then I was playing with lenses, just to play.  I then start talking to one of the Canon reps that was there, a VERY/EXTREMEY helpful guy that was giving me tips and just talking to me about photography.  It was quite awesome!  He told me all about his favorite lens, so Mom says, “She wants that one too.”  Okay, sure I do, but I can’t afford it!!!  (Duh, we’re poor right now, ha.)  So, after MOM paid the bill, this is what I walked out with.  (MOM is awesome.)

Seelen Photography’s Newest “Inventory”.

New lens.  24-105mm.  Its SWEET!

Same lens, just without the hood on it.

Flash extender and cord.

Flash difuser

Polarizer for the lens.


How sweet is that?!  I’m even MORE excited now, about the BB/BS event on Wednesday!

After that we ended up at St. Clair Square, and I walked away with a new shirt (for me) and new black capris (that I may or may not be keeping/giving to Sis).

It was a great day! 


(Mom says “You’re not spoiled, you’re just loved.”)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jamie
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 17:21:43

    Did she have a cake at the Fountains that day?


  2. julia
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 23:46:43

    Wow, you are loved for sure. What awesome purchases! Can’t wait to see the results:)


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