He’s home, but not for long! :(

Remember Peter, who we welcomed home just one month ago (yesterday).

We found out some sad news tonight. Well, sad for us, not him. He is being transfered to GERMANY. We had to give him up to go to Iraq for 3 short months, now we’re going to have to give him up to go to Germany for three YEARS. I don’t know what we’re (I’m) going to do with ourselves!! He’s like a big bro to me, we see him at least 3-4 times a week because he lives so close.

Peter has been signing up to go there for many years now. He says that this “is his dream”, to go to Germany, so I guess I have to be a little happy for him. But I’m just so SAD that he is leaving! Hopefully that means there is a trip to Germany in the future for Ric and I (the NOT-SO-NEAR future, that is). HOPEFULLY sometime in the next three years.

He leaves in January, ’09. We only get him for six more [short] months. Better make the best of it!

(I’m honestly sitting here with tears in my eyes right now.) 😦


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