I’ll have to remember this the next time Mom needs green onions from the store!

(Inside joke. . .MAYBE, I was being a little brat on Father’s Day, because of some “issues” I was having.)

Saturday, Mom called after her cake deliveries and was on her way to go look at some display homes in the area because Mom and Dad are thinking about building a new house (in Highland).  We were more or less just looking at the houses for the floor plans.  Mom found one that she really liked out at Far Oaks in Fairview Heights.  I LOVED it as well.

The one that she liked best was the Far Oaks Providence.  Although, the floor plan is very different than the one that we saw on this website.  The one that we liked best had a very open floor plan on the main floor with the kitchen/breakfast room/dining room/living room, etc.  More or less because Mom LOVES to entertain, and would like it more open so that everyone can be all in the same area.  Makes sense.  When we thought we were done looking at floor plans, we were heading to Fairview Heights’ Creve Coeur Camera.  We never did make it there, Mom decided we should drive out to Chesterfield to see if we could find any model homes open in that area.  We ended up in Wildwood, MO, with no luck finding any model homes (in the price range that Mom was looking for. – The ones we found were all too small.)  Then we ended up in Chesterfield, with no luck there either.  Oh well.  As we were heading home, we ended up at Creve Coeur’s CCC (off Olive).  The place is huge, and I always feel like I’m in heaven when I’m there.  ha  The main reason I was going there was to purchase a flash difuser for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters even that I’m photographing on Wednesday evening (how exciting!!!!).  Then I picked up the flash extender, just to check it out.  Mom tells the guy “She wants that too.”  Then I was playing with lenses, just to play.  I then start talking to one of the Canon reps that was there, a VERY/EXTREMEY helpful guy that was giving me tips and just talking to me about photography.  It was quite awesome!  He told me all about his favorite lens, so Mom says, “She wants that one too.”  Okay, sure I do, but I can’t afford it!!!  (Duh, we’re poor right now, ha.)  So, after MOM paid the bill, this is what I walked out with.  (MOM is awesome.)

Seelen Photography’s Newest “Inventory”.

New lens.  24-105mm.  Its SWEET!

Same lens, just without the hood on it.

Flash extender and cord.

Flash difuser

Polarizer for the lens.


How sweet is that?!  I’m even MORE excited now, about the BB/BS event on Wednesday!

After that we ended up at St. Clair Square, and I walked away with a new shirt (for me) and new black capris (that I may or may not be keeping/giving to Sis).

It was a great day! 


(Mom says “You’re not spoiled, you’re just loved.”)


ONE Month! =D

In one month from today, I will be spending my first full day at Disney World, Orlando, FL.

I fly into Orlando after work the evening of 7/18 (its going to be a LONG day).

Mom and Leah (sister) will already be there for their cake convention. So Saturday and Sunday I will have ALL to myself, to do whatever I please! Most people would not like that idea. . .I’m ECSTATIC! I’m pretty independent and don’t mind going to places by myself, so it doesn’t bother me one bit, and has me really excited that I’m going to be able to do and see some stuff on my own, without people rushing me. Saturday and Sunday are ALL ABOUT ME! =D

Ric is not joining me on this vacation because he will be going to Vegas with my Dad two weeks after FL. Yes, we are taking separate vacations this year, but he would rather go to Vegas and I would rather go to Disney World (imagine that!). Don’t worry, we’re both perfectly fine with this decision. We’re far enough into our relationship where we don’t HAVE to be stuck up each others’ booties! haha Actually, Ric is going to get the opportunity to drive up to D.C. (Virginia) to visit his family for a few days while I’m away, to keep him occupied. Which is great, because he doesn’t get to see his family but a few times a year!

Anyway, I’m sure I’m going to play it by ear, not sure what I’ll do those few days I have to myself. The weekend of the convention we’re staying at the Contemporary Resort/Hotel, which is the hotel that the Disney Monorail goes right through. So, I will have transportation to places like Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

After the weekend is over, my Dad and my Sis’s boyfriend are meeting us there also, and we are staying at a different hotel/resort in Disney World. (Which I don’t know the name of.)

The only definite plans that we have so far are that we’re going to see La Nouba – Cirque du Soleil one night while we’re there, which plays at Pleasure Island.

The rest of the time, we don’t have any plans set in stone. Though I hope to make it to at least one light parade, one daytime parade (through Magic Kingdom), Sea World to possibly swim with the dolphins, Universal Studios, and much much more! One thing that I have always wanted to do was be able to go INSIDE the castle. I’m not sure of all the ways that allow you to get inside there, but I’m hoping to figure out at least one way (Breakfast at the Castle, perhaps).


Dear Rain,

PLEASE do NOT ruin my excitement of the FIRST Muny night of the season.

This is the one show that Ric and I are the MOST excited to see!!!

I remember the first time I saw this movie.  I had bought the DVD at a Blockbuster resale kiosk in the mall that we always go to while we’re in VA for Christmas, Potomac Mills.  I watched the movie in the airport and on the airplane on our way home from VA.  I laughed a LOT.  So one day I talked Ric into watching it.  He also laughed a lot.  Since then, we have watched it a few times together, still laughing.  There are times that we quote the movie too.  .  .and still laugh!  Also, ever since I found out that Peter was going to Germany for three years in January 😦 – I have been singing him “Springtime for Peter in Germany.” 

Although I know that Will Ferrel (one of my faves) and Matthew Broderick is not going to be in it to make it QUITE what it is on the TV screen, I know that we’re still going to love it (HOPEFULLY)!


A Fun One

I was [kinda] tagged by Julia and by Melissa, and this seems fun, so here we go. . .

The Rules: Answer the following questions about yourself. At the end of the post you pass on the questions to 6 other bloggers and list their names. Then write them a comment telling them that they’ve been tagged and ask them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know that you’ve accepted the challenge and refer to your post.

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
10 years ago I was 19-years-old.  June, of 1998.  I don’t think I was doing anything productive really.  I was dating a guy who was completely useless (sorry, that is mean, but so true, ask Mom and Dad!).  I can’t even remember what was going on really, except that one little detail.  Life must have been grand in 1998!  ha

2. Five items on your to-do list today:
1. Work, for real.  Instead of blog.  ha  There are a few things I need to get done (booo).
2. Go home for lunch and chill for the approximate 30 minutes that I get while at home.  (I LOVE living so close to work.)
3. Go home at 5:00 and put on my PJs, because it is going to be a boring evening.
4. Do some photo editing, which is my main goal in life now-a-days.
5. Give my hubby a hug and kiss when he gets home, because the last time I saw him was Saturday evening, because he has been out of town.

3. Snacks I enjoy:
(As you know, I like “visuals.”)

4. What would you do if you were a billionare?
That would be lovely because then Ric wouldn’t have to keep stressing about finding a teaching job, he could just take his time finding one!  I would also quit my job (the Paralegal job), and I would buy LOTS of photography equipment, perhaps a small studio, and I would do photography full-time.  I would buy Ric and I a house.  I would buy my parents a new house.  Buy Ric’s parents a new house, one that was “wheelchair accesible” since his grandparents are moving in there TODAY.  I would buy all sibblings a house of their own.  Pay off my BFFs’ houses (Colleen & Tonya – then she could quit her second job) and buy Aimee a house.  Oh heck, a new house for all my friends!!!  ha  Go on a vacation with Ric and send everyone else on their own vacation. . . somewhere in the Caribbean, then to Paris, then to Italy, then to Ireland and save some for a visit to Germany after January (when Peter moves there).  There is more, but maybe I should stop there.  ha

5. Places I would live:
San Francisco.  Have never visited even, but know I would love it there!

St. Thomas

In a pink house. (j/k)

And, of course. . .

#1 place I want to move to (in reality).

(Back to my hometown, Highland, IL.)

He’s home, but not for long! :(

Remember Peter, who we welcomed home just one month ago (yesterday).

We found out some sad news tonight. Well, sad for us, not him. He is being transfered to GERMANY. We had to give him up to go to Iraq for 3 short months, now we’re going to have to give him up to go to Germany for three YEARS. I don’t know what we’re (I’m) going to do with ourselves!! He’s like a big bro to me, we see him at least 3-4 times a week because he lives so close.

Peter has been signing up to go there for many years now. He says that this “is his dream”, to go to Germany, so I guess I have to be a little happy for him. But I’m just so SAD that he is leaving! Hopefully that means there is a trip to Germany in the future for Ric and I (the NOT-SO-NEAR future, that is). HOPEFULLY sometime in the next three years.

He leaves in January, ’09. We only get him for six more [short] months. Better make the best of it!

(I’m honestly sitting here with tears in my eyes right now.) 😦

Five Furniture Stores Later. . .

So yeah, you guessed it.  Ric and I went furniture shopping this past weekend.  Unless its for clothes or shoes or something fun, I don’t usually really enjoy shopping, but this time wasn’t too bad.

We have been talking about getting new furniture for a LONG time now.  The furniture that we have in our living room right now is OLD. . .Old, Old, OLD!!  I think it’s about 14-years-old.  That is OLD for furniture.  It is DEFINITELY time for something new!!!

Thursday evening I had mentioned to Ric that I would like to try out California Pizza Kitchen, because of this post and the comment I got from a STLWed friend Kelly, suggesting to try it out.  So, the plan was to stop at Ashley Furniture in South County and then head to CPK at Crestwood Mall.   Christy was over while we were talking about it, so we invited her along as well.  So Friday after work Christy, RIc and I headed to Ashley Furn. in So. Co.  After looking around there, and not really finding anything that we fell in love with, we headed to Crestwood Mall for some PIZZA!!!  I was so excited.  Did you know that that CPK has closed in Crestwood Mall?  Either did I, because yellowpages.com told me it was still open.  How rude, what a waste of time and EXPENSIVE freakin’ gas.  I was crushed too, I was SO ready for some BBQ pizza!  😦  So we ended up at Fudruckers instead, which was tasty, so it was okay.  The only other time I go to Fudruckers is when we’re in VA in Dec., because it has become a ritual that we meet Mom Seelen for lunch (on one of the days that she has to work) while we’re visiting and Fudruckers is where we end up, which I love!  So anyway, Fudruckers was tasty and we had a good time, and then headed home.

Saturday I woke up in the morning for a MUCH needed pedicure.  My toes are so pretty now! 🙂  Got home and got ready and then we made our way to Ashley Furn. in Shiloh, found something that we were considering while there.  I fell IN LOVE with this coffee table!

We then headed to Rothman, which is where we found The One, (we weren’t sure at the time, but I think we are now).  After Rothman, over to American, then we had a lunch break at Ruby Tuesdays, then headed to Weekends Only, where we ran into my best friend and her family and we chatted with them for a bit.  Then they left, we looked around and found a desk that we might possibly buy for the computer room/office.  Didn’t really find any furniture there that we liked.  Then headed to Value City furniture, which we decided they had NOTHING we liked! 

I think we have come to a final decision to get the stuff that we found at Rothman.
Coffee table and two end tables.
Handcrafted from hardwood solids and ash veneers, the Copenhagen collection features a fruitwood finish to highlight the natural grain of the wood. Also noteworthy are the three pull-out drawers and six beveled glass table-top inserts.

What I’m most excited about with this one is, that we can FINALLY put out our coffee table wedding album, AND company will be able to see it, becasue of the semi-glass top.  🙂

Couch, loveseat and chair.
With its padded microfiber cover woven of a special blending of Polyester and Polyurethane, the Elly Beige living room suite is luxuriously comfortable, while still retaining its own sense of Contemporary style. Also noteworthy are the dual recliners built into the seats and the softly layered back—both of which provide unsurpassed comfort.

Wow, is it comfortable!!!  And did you notice that all but one seat (the middle one on the couch) RECLINES.  How awesome!

Another awesome thing about this purchase is that Ric’s Mom has offered to give us $1,000.00 to help us out!!!  How awesome is that?!  YAY!  I think we’re going to go ahead and order them while she is here next weekend.  We’re still going to have to pay quite a bit to get them, because they are WAY over $1,000.00, but it will be way worth it in the end!  🙂