Is it Friday already?!

Where did the week go?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining!!!  I’m SO glad its Friday, but wow, did it arrive fast!

So, here I am, posting about last weekend, because this week has been absolutely crazy!  I had the opportunity to be the photographer for my good friend Jenn’s wedding in Schererville/St. John/Crown Point, Indiana (which are all only about 30 minutes away from Chicago).  Let me tell you, this wedding has been a LONG time coming!  After MANY date changes by indecisive Jenn, we were FINALLY here!  CONGRATULATIONS TIM & JENN!

So, the story goes.  I met Jenn on-line MANY years ago (2005), when I was planning my wedding.  We met on Wedding Announcer, the forum for which I am a moderator.  🙂  We used to chat all the time, then we lost touch for a while because of WA drama (before I was mod).  It wasn’t until we both signed up to chat on Constant Chatter (which I’m not even a member of anymore – no time for that anymore), that we found each other again, which was quite amazing, considering the thousands of people on there!  Then we both headed back to WA because the “drama starters” had left (yay).  Anyway, so we “found each other again.”  YAY!!!  We would chat often and became great on-line friends!!  WA is a lot different than STLWed, in that all the members are from all over the US, some Canada and some in other countries as well.  So, they are a LOT harder to meet up with and get to see often!  (Which makes me sad!)  We always say that we wish we all lived in the same area so that we could see each other more often, because we’re such a “close knit family.”  [Insert Awwwwwwww]  Jenn and I FINALLY met in person in February of 2007, when we met half way in Moline, IL (she lives in Indiana, near Chicago) at the Dancing With The Stars Live Tour, and brought her cute friend Kelly along (whose wedding I photographed in Chicago in April.)  We had SUCH a great time, that we did it again in June, this time meeting in Peoria, IL.  I ❤ Jenn. . .she is SUCH a great person and has one of the best personalities ever.  Which is why we get along so well, because we’re both so bubbly and happy all the time!  🙂

Anyway, on to the weekend.  This was a Seelen/Jacoby Family wedding, let me tell you (sort of).  I was the photographer, Ric was the videographer/photographer (he did “getting ready pictures” for the boys, which I’m quite impressed how they turned out), Mom did the wedding cake and Dad is going to do the video editing.  So, the weekend started Friday (duh).  I left work early (11:45).  Headed home and got the “luggage” in the car.  (We were only going to be gone overnight for 2 days, so I packed extremely lightly, go me!)  Then we headed to Highland to Mom’s Shop to pick up the cake.  Let me tell you, transporting something so “fragile” for FIVE hours is quite nerve wracking!!  Ask Ric, I was a freak.  It made me SO nervous!!  The only time I wasn’t freaking out was when I was sleeping.  ha  BUT, the cake (and us) made it to Indiana safe and sound, and I have proof!!!  (Yes, her colors were red and yellow, aren’t they pretty?!)

When we finally arrived in Indiana, THANKFULLY with no cake tragedies, we went straight to the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was being held.  It was at a pizza place, which I can’t remember the name of, for the life of me.  But since that day, I have said many times that I WISH STL had a pizza place like this, because they had some amazing, unique pizzas.  I had a taste of the “popeye” pizza, which had spinach on it, and my FAVORITE, which was the BBQ Chicken pizza.  It had BBQ sauce, chicken, topped with cheese and then pineapple on top of that.  Sounds gross maybe, but it was TASTY!!!!  So, if anyone reading this knows of a pizza place that makes such a pizza, please let me know!  🙂  When pulling up, I was excited to be greeted by my friend Amanda, who is also from WA, who lives in Kansas City (but is moving to Omaha very soon).  Amanda and I have met in person a few times before, first being the time she traveled to STL on Amtrak, I picked her up at the station, she stayed the night, and the next day we headed to Louisville, KY for Jacqui’s wedding (another WA member).  Then in September of 2006 for Kristen’s wedding, who is another WA member (who used to be a STL Knot member).  I also had the opportunity to go to Minnesota in Oct. 2007 to go see Amanda get married, which is where I first met Karen (“Tinks”), ANOTHER WA member.  (Is this getting confusing yet?)  So, back to this weekend.  I was greeted by Amanda (who traveled there from Kansas City, MO) and then walked inside to say hello to Tinks (who traveled there from PA).  I then got to meet Mari and Christina, who are also WA members (who traveled there from PA and Jersey).  Tinks, Mari and Christina all drove together, though Christina had the longest commute, which was 12 hours.  Then the bride and groom showed up, we transported the cake back to their house, so that it didn’t melt in the car, and then came back to have some pizza.  After the rehearsal dinner, Ric and I went back to Mari, Christina, Tinks, and Amanda’s hotel and had a good time chatting and laughing in Tinks and Mana’s room. 

Tinks and Mana both did some “wine stands” (if that is what you want to call it).  ha

Ric and I planned on making it an early night since we had such a busy day Saturday, but it didn’t turn out that way, we were having too much fun with the girls.  Finally we had to say good-bye to them and head back to Jenn’s house, which is where we were staying that night, so that we could be there bright and early for “getting ready pictures.” 

Saturday morning finally arrived.  Jenn and I got up very early and went to her make-up appointment.  I got some really good pictures, but this is othe only one I’m going to share for now.

Then back to Jenn and Tim’s (otherwise known as Jim and Ten, ha) where a few of the bridesmaids were getting their hair done.  When we got back, Ric was just getting out of the shower.  He finally came to join us and sat there and watched a few of the girls getting their hair done.  At one time Jenn even said, “You could go downstairs and turn on the TV if you would like.”  Ric declined saying that he was having a good time watching everything going on.  ha  Then it was time for Ric to go to Tim’s parents’ house to do some getting ready pictures of the guys, while the girls finished getting ready.  (Its really not fair that the guys don’t really have that much to do, so they get to sleep in and then take their time getting ready, whereas the girls have hair, make-up, etc., etc., etc.  ha)  After all the girls were ready, we did some pictures at the house, and then the limo came to pick us all up to take us to the ceremony site.  Which, was not at a church, but was at a pavilion.  It was quite beautiful.  And this is the only picture I have of it at the moment.

It was such a beautiful ceremony!!!  Then we did some pictures with the families, wedding party, etc.  This is the time when RIc had to go to Tim and Jenn’s, pick up the wedding cake, take it to the reception site and put the cake topper on.  As you can tell from the pictures above, he did quite a good job.  The bride and I had no complaints.  YAY Ric!!!  Then it was time for the rest of us to head to the reception.  We had such a great time at the reception.  I promised that I would put the camera down and do some dancing, but that didn’t happen too often, as I’m attached to that thing, afraid that I’m going to miss a good photo op!  Jenn even “yelled” at me once to “PUT THE CAMERA DOWN AND COME DANCE WITH ME.”  So, I guess the bride had spoken so I got to dance for about 2 songs.  Then it was time to grab the camera again.  ha

I did have time to hand over the camera to Ric to get a picture of some of the WAers and I.  (We were at the “Aloha” table – Love in Hawaii – And don’t ask about the Lucky Charms)

Then it was time for a WHOLE WA picture.
Here we have:
Back L to R:  Christina (NJ), Mari (PA), Trisha (STL/IL), Amanda (KC, MO) and Karen (PA)
Front L to R:  Jess (IN), Jenn (IN) and Kelly (IN)

Jess and Kelly were bridesmaids of Jenn’s.  They are also WAers.  (Jess is the only one that isn’t married yet, her wedding is in July.)  They have all been friends for many years though, Jess, Jenn and Kelly all went to the same high school together.

I have a blog of teaser pictures from the wedding here.  Take a look!!  🙂

We pretty much closed the reception all down.  Then Ric and I headed to our hotel and I laid down and was OUT.  What an EXHAUSTING day!!! 

Sunday was time to head home.  Though Ric and I did stop by the outlet mall in Tuscola on our way home.  We LOVE outlet malls!  I found my new favorite store while there also, which is Maurice’s.  I LOVE the way their pants fit. . .so I bought two new pair!  One brown pair of capris and a “shiny-ish” gray pair of work pants.

We then swung by Highland (Mom and Dad’s) to drop off the video camera and the wedding cake stuff, then headed home.  We finally got home around 9:00 and we were both EXHAUSTED!

Now, its time for another weekend.  THANKFULLY we don’t have much planned this weekend, because I have LOTS of photo editing to do!  I still have pictures from the wedding in April, a family shoot to work on, an order to put in for a client and then Jenn’s wedding photos to start working on.  Not to mention the “project” that I’m going to be working on Saturday, Mom’s belated Mother’s Day gift.  More about that later!. . .

Happy Friday!  🙂


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    May 23, 2008 @ 18:52:44

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast! 🙂


  2. Kelly
    May 24, 2008 @ 19:18:42

    Have you ever been to California Pizza Kitchen? It’s a chain, so it’s probably not quite as good as the place you went to but it has a BBQ chicken pizza and many other wonderful interesting concoctions. I like it.


  3. Amy
    May 25, 2008 @ 00:48:49

    I wish I could have been there, too!!!!! Great pictures and write up!!!


  4. Amy
    May 25, 2008 @ 22:35:19

    Absolutely I will be sharing the bridals!!!!! Go easy on my photographer, though- LOL!!!!


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  6. Christina
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 07:31:38

    I finally read back and saw this blog about our awesome time in Indy. We so need to do it again. You and Ric should come to Philly in June for the next big WA g2g after NF.


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