He’s Home. . .He’s Home!!

What a day (for everyone).

The way the day was planned Sunday evening. . . .
We would wake up early, I would decorate the house, we would get ready, Christy would meet us at our house, we would get to the airport and pick up Peter at 8:30 a.m.  Then I would go back to work, finish off the work day and then go home and spend the evening with Peter and friends.

The way the day really happened! . . .
I woke up early and started getting ready.  Went outside to decorate the front of the apartment building (we live upstairs, Peter lives downstairs).  As I’m walking inside, after being done, I get a call from Peter telling us that his flight has been delayed, and that they wouldn’t be in until 11:00.  Two seconds after I got off the call with him Christy called saying that she was already downstairs and so she was just going to come in and we were going to talk about what we were going to do.  So, she comes up and Ric, Christy and I hang out for a little bit.  Then I decide to come into work a half hour early and get at least an hour and a half of work in.  Thankfully, because I live SO close, it works.  I was going to leave at 10:00, so that we had an hour to get to the airport.  At 10:00, as I’m getting ready to walk out the door, I get a call from Ric telling me that the flight has been delayed again.  This time, 12:30 p.m.  So, I stayed at work for another hour.  Then Christy, Ric and I grabbed some Subway.  Then headed to the airport.  By then, they wouldn’t be landing until 1:05 p.m.  So, we get to the airport, park and get to the AA ticket counter to get our passes.  Ric, Christy and I had “orders” from the Air Force, allowing us to go directly to the gate to pick Peter up.  YAY  We get our “fake” boarding passes and head to the gates.  We get to gate 25 and I go up to ask the lady if we were at the right gate, because we didn’t recognize anyone else there, that would have been there to pick up their family.  The lady tells me that we are at the right gate and that they should be landing soon.  YAY.  Then a few other wives get there, who are there to pick up their husbands.  By 1:09 we’re concerned because we haven’t seen anyone else or see any airplanes “pulling up.”  So one of the wives goes back up to the SAME counter I went to and asked the SAME lady I talked to, if we were at the right gate.  She says, NO, they’re going to be at gate 23.  So we all start running that way, and as we’re running, we see the guys walking towards us as we’re running towards them.  So, we missed them getting off the flight.  😦  Oh well, I guess its okay.  Anyway, on to a few pictures.

Peter and I.  AWWWWWWW!  I missed this guy!!!!!!!!

After getting luggage and walking back to the car.
Where did Peter go?  ha

We then headed back to the apartment, after stopping by Sonic to get some food for Peter.
Here is the great decorating job I did, bright and early that morning!  🙂

Ric helping unload.

After unloading the car and getting inside, etc.  Peter had his lunch.  Then Christy, Ric and I hung out with Peter and talked about his trip and looked at pictures on the TV of all the different places that Peter was.  It was such a good time!  So interesting!  Then Christy, RIc and I got a much needed nap, while the person who REALLY needed the nap, unpacked.  ha

Then it was time to head to Carlos O’Kelly’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Peter’s Homecoming!
Peter and Savanna (BFF’s daughter).

Here is Peter, Savanna and Seneca (BFF’s daughters) with the camels that Peter brought them back from the desert.

Savanna and I.

Seneca and I.

Tonya with Sav and Sen.

Bubble fun with Peter!!

Sav and Sen’s new baby brother, B.

Kisses (or licks) for Peter!

Two of my girls and I.  Tonya and Aimee!

Christy being silly, with her beer.  ha

Christy and I.

Group photo (after a few had left already).

After dinner and drinks at Carlos. . .we headed back to our apartment to chat and played a new card game that Peter learned while away.  It was fun!  By this time, Peter (and everyone else) were really tired, so it was time for bed!!!

It was a great day.  Some great time spent with Peter.

We’re SO glad to have him home!!!!!!!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    May 06, 2008 @ 17:25:36

    Looks like you all had a great time! Yay for Peter being home!


  2. Brigid
    May 07, 2008 @ 19:07:53

    I am glad he is home safe and sound? Is he on R&R or is he home for good?


  3. Amy
    May 25, 2008 @ 00:42:23

    Awesome write up Trish!!!!


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