Old Friend

DANG, I made a post last night, and now its gone.
I went to delete a comment, and apparently deleted the whole post.
OH WELL, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore anyway. . .Move along. . .

In the meantime. . .meet my buddy Roger.  I have known him for MANY years.  I met him through an OLD boyfriend (my “first love”.  ha).  They were/are good friends.  I became good friends with him as well, even after the b/f and I broke up.  He is such a sweet and caring YOUNG man.  Now, if we could just find him a girl/lady/woman who is worthy of his sweetness/cuteness. . .(ha).

Roger lives in KY, so I only get to see him once a year (pretty much).  Last time (before this time) I saw him was February 2007 ~ until this past weekend.  He was in town for his best friend’s Dad’s b-day, so everyone got together and hung out.  (Then his Mom “forced” me to go with them to a bar in BFE, literally.)  But it was TONS of fun!

Meet Rog. . .

And just for fun, Rog and I back in 1996.  On his b-day, at the surprise party I threw for him!  😉  (He’s going to love me for this, I just know it!)  Oh, and that little monkey, that’s “Worm Bob”.


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