Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

So, apparently we had an earthquake at approximately 4:36 a.m. this morning.  Do you think I felt it. . .NOPE!  Sure didn’t.  I slept right through it!  I blame the Nyquil that I took before bed last night (I’m sick, BOO).

So, I get to work this morning and a co-worker says something about her daughter (who is 3-years-old) talking about “People doing the wiggle dance under the house.”  I’m like “WHAAAAA???”  She says, “We had an earthquake this morning.”  I thought to myself, she’s lying!!  I thought everyone was lying, no way could I sleep through an earthquake.  Storms, tornados and things like that freak me out!!  Well, I did, and apparently so did Ric.  I get back to my office and text him, and this is how our conversation went:
T: “So, did you feel the earthquake this morning?” 
R: “NO, but the cats did.” 
T: “We must have been tired.  How do you know the cats felt it?  Did they tell you that?
R: “Remind me to tell you tonight.”  (He’s working, so probably didn’t have time.)
So, apparently earthquakes don’t wake us up and the cats can talk now.   Interesting!
Then at approximately 10:30, my whole office starts to shake.  It was pretty creepy.  They say to expect that for the rest of the day, OH YAY!!  I can’t wait (NOT).  Like I said, things like that freak me out!


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