Weekend Fun

I just HAD to blog about this spectastic weekend that Ric and I had this past weekend!

It started off with Ric driving to the airport to pick up his sister, Amanda, who lives in VA (I was still at work).  After picking her up, all of us met at the apartment, got freshened up and went to dinner at Red Robin.  After Red Robin we decided to go to Jerzey’s “for a little bit”, which is a bar that Ric and I frequent, which also has the BEST bartender in the world working for them!  😉  We were only going to stay for a few hours, until we found out it was Brent’s B-day at midnight.  So we HAD to stay to give him some b-day love, and we were having so much fun anyway, we just stayed at Jerzey’s.

Picture time!

Ric and his sis. . .this is their “serious face.”

My “sis” and I. 
(How did I get so lucky to get such awesome in-laws???)

So here we have Brent, the best bartender in the world!  Every time we go to Jerzey’s, I have to get at least one picture with him.  (Though, as you will see below, it turned out to be more than just one, two, three, etc.  ha).
He’s crazy!

Of course, Ric was a little jealous!  So, he had to have his picture taken with Brent too.
Ric and Brent are great buds. . .the two gayest straight guys I know.  LOL

While we were there, our best bud Eddie showed up.  Ric, Eddie and I were the “three stooges” back in 2000.  Connected at the hip and never away from each other.  Then things happened and we started seeing less and less of Eddie.  I was sad, Ric was sad.. .. Boo hoo!  Anyway, we only get to see Eddie a few times a year now (hopefully that is different, now that he is with someone that we actually like, and who likes us).  We had a great time with Eddie.  Also with Eddie was his fiance Wendy, friend Chris and Chris’ finance Melissa.  They’re all four a lot of fun!
Ric and Eddie

Eddie and I

Katie also showed up at Jerzey’s while we were there.
Here is Katie and Amanda.

Amanda, Katie and Trisha
(I know, I know. . .everyone that sees this picture has already commented on “them”. . .ha)

Chris and Melissa

Eddie and Wendy

Here we go again. . . . .

While at Jerzey’s they were playing some fantastic/fun 80’s music.  The DJ called for someone/anyone to get up on stage and do their best 80’s dancing.  So, Amanda gets up and runs up there and does her best 80’s dancing.  Here she is doing the “Molly Ringwald.”  (Breakfast Club)

Well, she won, and here she is with her prize!  🙂

Here’s Amanda and I doing our “picture with our glasses on.”

Okay, just ONE more!  😉

NOW, comes the real fun.  ha
Later that evening, the DJ was playing 2 Legit 2 Quit.  So he asked for someone/anyone to come up and do their best Hammer dancing.  Who goes up there to do it?  Yep, Ric. . .It was quite hilarious!  So, of course I had to take pictures!  Feast your eyes on these!  Ha!!!

Towards the end of the song, DJ says to Ric “If you get on the floor right now and do the worm, you’ll be the winner.”  Ric didn’t hesitate for one second.  Here he goes!

And, here is the winner with his prizes!  🙂  (It’s Kool-Aid – duh!!!)

Then there was some more dancing with the girls.

Chris, Ric and Eddie

The wife and finances.  Trish, Wendy and Melissa.

Amanda’s just taking it all in.

Then it was time to MAKE Eddie get up on the dance floor and do “the Eddie dance.”  When we were always together and out, Eddie would get up on the dance floor and dance like this.  It kind of looks like he is trying to fly.  Pretty hilarious.  So we wanted to reminisce for a moment.

Then midnight rolled around and we went to interrupt Brent to give him his b-day hugs and kisses.  I kinda cut of their heads.  OOPS!

Eddie and I dancing like the good ol’ days.

Katie and Amanda (and Trish in her own little world.)

Katie, Amanda, Trisha and Eddie

Ric wearing his lil sis’ shades.  His “rock star” pictures.

Here is the DJ wishing Brent a Happy Birthday, while he slaves away behind the bar.  😉

Here is Brent serrenading us.

Eddie’s at it again.

After having a great time at Jerzey’s, we decided it was finally time to go “home”, because we all knew that we had to get up early in the morning to head to Springfield, MO.  Because the original game plan was to end up at The Dubliner in downtown St. Louis (near 10th and Washington), we reserved a hotel room at the Omni Majestic Hotel.  So, instead of driving the few miles back home in Belleville (Jerzey’s is in O’Fallon), we had to drive downtown to the hotel.  Well, TRISHA had to drive because the other two (*cough RicandAmanda cough*) weren’t “feeling so well.”  haha  I highly recommend this hotel if you’re staying in the STL area.  And, if you’re lucky like us (well, my awesome mother-in-law who reserved it for us) you can get it for just $70.00 a night (through www.hotwire.com).  Originally its approximately $169.00 a night, but thanks to hotwire, we got it for $70.00.  WOW, what a deal!  The hotel is beautiful, great customer service, valet parking, right in the middle of downtown St. Louis, and their “confidential” breakfast is YUMMY!
Hotel room pictures.

Saturday morning the three of us got up, had some breakfast, some “confidential” breakfast, and then hit the road to Springfield, MO.  Ric’s Mom was already in Springfield, Amanda Ric and I were heading there to meet up with her and to have a visit with the grandparents.  We got there around 2:30 p.m. and hung out at Ric’s cousin’s house, which is where his grandparents live (not for long, because they’re moving to VA in three short weeks.)  Stayed at a hotel Saturday in Springfield.  Went back to the house Sunday to say good-bye and reassure them that Ric and I will be there in THREE SHORT weeks to pick them up, take them to the airport and Ric is going to help fly them to Virgina.
Just a few pictures, before saying good-bye.
Ric, Big Mama and Amanda

Papa giving Amanda some love.

Amanda, Papa and Ric

Papa giving Trisha some lovin’.

After saying good-bye, Ric and I in his car and Amanda and Mom Seelen in the rental car, headed back to STL.  Ric and I headed home and Amanda and Mom Seelen to the airport to fly home to Virginia.

It was a pretty fun weekend. . .Amanda needs to come visit more often!  🙂


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