April 4th-7th

The reason for the trip. . .I had a wedding to photograph in Sycamore, IL, a SUNDAY wedding that is.

The trip started Friday after I got home from work.  We were pretty much packed Thursday evening, but when I got home Friday, I had to throw a few odds and ends in and then we were on our way. 

We drove and drove and drove and drove and drove. . .etc.  On our trips to Chicago, we always have to stop at “the dance club”, which is actually a gas station on the side of the road, that is really bright when it is dark out because of all the lights, so we nicknamed it the dance club.  So, we stopped there, and then drove and drove and drove and drove some more.  If you know me, you know that I’m not a real patient person, so even being in the car for only four hours (yes, it only took us four hours), is enough!  I was ecstatic when we got to our first stop, Oakbrook Terrace, IL (I think it was called).  Ric’s Mom also came in from VA, and she had been at the hotel for a few hours already.  We picked her up and headed to grab dinner somewhere.  For the life of me, since it was SOOOO long ago, I can’t remember where we went.  Is that not ridiculous, or what?!  Then we had to stop a few places to grab a few things (Walgreens, gas station, etc.), then we went back to the room and hung out.

Saturday we started at Navy Pier.

Looking towards downtown Chicago.

So Ric might LOOK innocent in this picture, when actually it was right after he was “pretending” to throw me “overboard.”  ha  And, it was a VERY windy day (in the WINDY city!)

Ric and his Mom

There was a Minnie Mouse spotting.  It was actually a little girl’s b-day party, on a boat, on the lake, with every Disney character you can imagine (they weren’t quite as friendly as Minnie.)
Craziness, huh?!

Just a few places I would have rather have been!  ha
Specifically St. Thomas.

Navy Pier Park.  We didn’t really go in there to check it out, just took a picture.  🙂

After we were done walking around Navy Pier, we found one of those stands that were selling tours.  So we took them up on one.  The one that took you pretty much all over the city.
Here’s Ric and I on the trolley getting ready for our tour.
(This is quite a horrible picture, and I don’t know why we’re so “spotty” either.)

The first stop was The Magnificent Mile/Michigan Avenue.
Now, don’t tell anyone that I said this, but I wasn’t too interested in shopping that day, I was more interested in seeing the other sites.  I said “I can shop anytime.”  And to me, it really did seem that the stores on Michigan Avenue, were the same stores I could see anywhere/anyday.  I know that some aren’t, but I just was more interested in seeing other sites, rather than shopping.  (I know, aren’t you shocked?!)  Though, honestly, I’m not quite as much of a shopper as I USED to be!

Apparently it was one of the first days, in a LONG time, that Chicago had some decent weather, so there were people EVERYWHERE! ~ Shopping the day away!

Our next stop was the John Hancock Building/Center.  So we had to go up in it to see the city.
I happen to really like this picture that I took of the JH Building.

And this one too.

I just thought this was funny.  I know this isn’t what it means, but I just thought to myself, “I thought it was the Chicago Cubs or the St. Louis Cards.  NOT the Chicago Cards.”  ha
And, just for good measure. . .GO CARDINALS!  Boo on the Cubs!!!

Floor 94 is the top.  That is a LOT of floors!

And here we have the Navy Pier from the top of the JH Building.

Kind of looks like we’re in a tropical island now. . .I WISH!

Lots ‘O Buildings.

This isn’t set up.  We’re really hanging outside of a 94 floor building washing windows all “casual like.”  More like I’m posing instead of washing windows (imagine that one).  LOL
OH, and instead of “Where’s Waldo.”  It’s “Where’s Ric.”  Can you find him?
Instead of helping him back up, the windows getting washed is WAY more important.  ha

OF COURSE, we had to stop by the Hershey’s Store.  It’s CHOCOLATE!
Not only that, but on our tour tickets, we had a coupon for a free 1.5 oz. Hershey bar.  It was quite important that we got there to get that!  🙂

I don’t think I have ever seen cupcakes with SO much icing before!  Maybe I should have Mom start doing something like this at her shop!  ha

OF COURSE, we had to get some ice cream.  DUH!

Trish doesn’t do whipped topping, so that was all for Ric.  I was TRYING to help him out!

Ric and Trish with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Guy.

Our next stop was the Sears Tower.  There were other stops in between, but this is the one place that Ric really wanted to visit.  I had made the comment, “Aren’t we going to see the same stuff that we saw from the top of the JH Building?”  Well, duh.  But Ric REALLY wanted to go up there too.  So, here we go.

I bet you can’t tell that this picture was at one of those “blank bright green background things” where they photoshop in the background.  (Don’t you love our green hair?!)

Here we are, on the 103rd floor.

See, just like I said. . .those same buildings.  ha

Ric is on top of the world.

Trish on top of the world.

So, when purchasing the tour tickets, they failed to let us know that, even though the museums and stuff close at 6:00 p.m. and other places close at 9:00 p.m.; they stop running the trolleys at 5:00 p.m.  Make sense?!  NOPE, didn’t think so.  SO, we decided that instead of getting a cab, we would just walk.  It seemed like it took FOREVER.  So I got to to look it up (because they have walking, not just driving, directions), and it is only 2.3 miles with an estimated 42 minutes, but it seemed like it took a lot longer.  Mainly because Trisha can never find jeans that fit her the right way, so I had to stop every 5-7 steps (no exaggeration) to pull up my darn pants.  ha  As we were walking back to Navy Pier (where our car was parked), we saw a few other things.

The “Crystal Ball” of Chicago.

My pretty awesome sunset picture that I took.

(WIth a little Photoshopping. . .LOVE it!)

Here’s Ric hanging out with Bob Newhart.

That evening we drove to Sycamore, where the wedding was the next day.  After checking into the hotel, we met up with my friend Angie (ex’s sister), because she lives in Sycamore, and had dinner with her.  Then to Wal-Mart to buy a new memory card, because I was stressing that I was going to run out of room on the ones that I already have (which is something I tend to do often.  haha).  Then back to the hotel to get some sleep for the big day.

Sunday was the wedding.  It went well.  I’m working on editing and getting the pictures ready, so I don’t have any to share, as of right now.  But AS SOON AS I do have some, I will post them on my photography blog.

This is the only other picture that I have.
Bridesmaid Jenn, Bride Kelly, Photographer Trisha and Coordinator Jessica.
Jenn and Kelly are good friends from the past.  I met Jenn on Wedding Announcer, where I am a moderator.  We “met” on there back in 2005.  We finally met in person in January 2007, when we met half way to go to the Dancing with the Stars Live Tour.  That is when I met Kelly also, another WA member.  Jessica is also a WA Member, who Kelly and Jenn knew from the past also.  (Am I making sense?  haha)  In other words, I’m the only outcast.  haha

The wedding was beautiful, the reception was a good time and I have a TON of great pictures to share at a later date!  (I was working on them last night and getting extremely excited at how they were turning out!)

Monday we got up, got ready and went to the outlet mall for some shopping.  Then drove home.

Next trip is in May when I go to Indiana to photograph Jenn’s wedding (in the picture above).  YAY!  I can’t wait!


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  1. julia
    Apr 11, 2008 @ 23:31:56

    Sigh. I love chicago, what great pictures. And I LOVE that silver bean thing. I never knew it’s name but it’s fab. 🙂


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