Bye Bye Speaker ~~ Hello Adult Beverage!

Peter’s latest e-mail (sent not even an hour ago) made me giggle and put a HUGE smile on my face.  (You will see why, towards the end)!!!!!

Yesterday we flew out to a FOB (forward operating base) by blackhawk again.  This trip was only 10 mins as the FOB is close.  We got settled in and played a concert in the evening.  A 2 hour show for @ 200 people, with a 15 min intermission.  This show was the highligt so far for military audiences.  The crowd was receptive and danced and sang along with most of the show.  The applause/ cat calls were much appreciated.  We stayed the night and then flew back this afternoon.  Have you ever wondered what a speaker looks like after it has fallen out of the window of a blackhawk more than 200 feet above the ground?  Well unfortunately we found out today.  All of our gear was loaded into the last chopper and all of us in the first.  We were almost home when we stopped and started circling the ground.  I looked out the windo and there was a chopper in the middle of a field.  At the time we didn’t know why it stopped.  When we landed we hear the story.  Dean Smith just happened to be on the headset in the chopper and heard it all.  The rear gunner said ‘OH F***, something just fell out the windw’ and the pilot said ‘Son of a B****, what was it’  and so on.  They saw it and landed to pick it up.  Of course a fall like that will destroy about anything (when I get back I’ll show you the picture).  Fortunately we came prepared and were using a speaker as a monitor and will be able to live without until we get back to Qatar.  Some good news!  I should be back in the US for Cinco de Mayo, so Ric you better have some adult beverages ready for me!  That is all for now.  OUr next trip will take us to Djibuti.  I’ll write more later.


Yaaaaaaaaay!  Not even a whole month left before he gets home!!!!!!!!!


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