Peter Updates

Came home from Chicago (more on that later) and had TWO e-mails waiting in my inbox from Peter.  He is actually IN Iraq now.

E-mail One; April 5th:
We made it safely here after another long delayed flight.  Oh well, that is how travel is over here.  Planes break down and are often delayed.  We have been playing for the troops here and one member, Dean Smith, has had a chance to hang out with his son, sho is deployed here.  In fact yesterday was another first.  My first outdoor concert in a snadstorm.  This is the 5th sandstrom so far and probably the worst.  In the middle of the afternoon there was an orange glow everywhere.  My email access is limited here so sorry about the few updates and quick emails.  We are in Kirkuk and today took our first helicopter ride.  This is way cooler than any rollercaster I’ve been on.  Well, I gotta run my times about up.  I’ll write more later.

E-mail Two; April 8th:
Hello everyone,
  All is going well here.  We moved from Kirkuk to Ballad and will travel to some other bases from here.  We are staying in the Distinguished Visitors quarters ( 3 to a room on a real bed and bathroom down the hall),  which is pretty nice.  The weather has started to get a lot warmer and there is a bit of sand/dust slowing in the air today.  We have several concerts to play here and hope we are well received once again.  We are all doing pretty well, but our singer is a bit uner the weather.   In Kirkuk we played several concerts at the chow hall, in the quad on the stage and  at several squadrons.  The trip back on the blackhawk was very interesting.  The chopper showes up and was too full to fit us, so they went to drop off their load and returned to pick us up.  It was night and we got off the plane then discovered that we werein the wrong place and the choppers had already left.  So 4 hours later we rode back to Kirkuk and then played a concert after @ 4 hours of sleep.  Oh well, we are all caught up on sleep now.  well, I gotta run.  Others are waiting for the computer.  I’ll talk to you later.

Come back for some stories and pictures from this past weekend in Chicago/Sycamore.  : )


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