Can I just tell you how excited I am?!?!

In one week (well, now it is LESS THAN one week, because he gets in early on Monday) we will be picking up Peter at the airport!

I never really realized how much I loved him (well, I did, but you know), until he was gone.

When you go from having your best friend, right down the steps (we live in the same apartment complex) to not having him at all. . .it is kind of tragic.  I can’t WAIT to have him back in our lives!!!!!  The hanging out on the weekends, the week day evenings when he and/or Ric cook dinner for the three of us, the fun we have with him, etc.  I CAN’T WAIT! 

He is going to be home JUST in time for Cinco de Mayo, so I’ll be out on the town Monday with him and the rest of the crew!


Misc. Tuesday

(It’s sad that I had to look at the calendar to see what day of the week it is.  ha)

Apparently I was in a “funk” Sunday evening.
My apologies to those who had to read my “vent” on here.
(Which is gone now, because I accidentally deleted it, instead of a comment.)
Wait, should I be apologizing for venting?  Probably not, because I was being honest and it was really how I was feeling – But I do anyway, to those it had nothing to do with.  🙂

It’s gone now, but apparently those with Google Reader can see it.

Again, I was in a “funk.”  Ya know. . .it happens!  ha
With me, it is rare.

I’m good now.

In fact, Ric’s Mom said to Ric the other day. . .
“I was I could be like Trisha and be in my “own little happy world” all the time.
I love her, she’s funny!  ha  It made me giggle.  I think I will remember that quote forever. 
At least I know that most people in the world can only feel the positive energy coming from me.  🙂

Oh yeah.  Mom Seelen also told me that all my blogs on here are about me or my family.  I will work on that, sorry Mom Seelen!  🙂

I shall be going now!

Old Friend

DANG, I made a post last night, and now its gone.
I went to delete a comment, and apparently deleted the whole post.
OH WELL, it doesn’t really mean anything anymore anyway. . .Move along. . .

In the meantime. . .meet my buddy Roger.  I have known him for MANY years.  I met him through an OLD boyfriend (my “first love”.  ha).  They were/are good friends.  I became good friends with him as well, even after the b/f and I broke up.  He is such a sweet and caring YOUNG man.  Now, if we could just find him a girl/lady/woman who is worthy of his sweetness/cuteness. . .(ha).

Roger lives in KY, so I only get to see him once a year (pretty much).  Last time (before this time) I saw him was February 2007 ~ until this past weekend.  He was in town for his best friend’s Dad’s b-day, so everyone got together and hung out.  (Then his Mom “forced” me to go with them to a bar in BFE, literally.)  But it was TONS of fun!

Meet Rog. . .

And just for fun, Rog and I back in 1996.  On his b-day, at the surprise party I threw for him!  😉  (He’s going to love me for this, I just know it!)  Oh, and that little monkey, that’s “Worm Bob”.

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

So, apparently we had an earthquake at approximately 4:36 a.m. this morning.  Do you think I felt it. . .NOPE!  Sure didn’t.  I slept right through it!  I blame the Nyquil that I took before bed last night (I’m sick, BOO).

So, I get to work this morning and a co-worker says something about her daughter (who is 3-years-old) talking about “People doing the wiggle dance under the house.”  I’m like “WHAAAAA???”  She says, “We had an earthquake this morning.”  I thought to myself, she’s lying!!  I thought everyone was lying, no way could I sleep through an earthquake.  Storms, tornados and things like that freak me out!!  Well, I did, and apparently so did Ric.  I get back to my office and text him, and this is how our conversation went:
T: “So, did you feel the earthquake this morning?” 
R: “NO, but the cats did.” 
T: “We must have been tired.  How do you know the cats felt it?  Did they tell you that?
R: “Remind me to tell you tonight.”  (He’s working, so probably didn’t have time.)
So, apparently earthquakes don’t wake us up and the cats can talk now.   Interesting!
Then at approximately 10:30, my whole office starts to shake.  It was pretty creepy.  They say to expect that for the rest of the day, OH YAY!!  I can’t wait (NOT).  Like I said, things like that freak me out!

It’s Amazing!! =D

WOW, look what I spotted. . .signs of good weather, FINALLY!!!!!
(Well, it’s already April and yet, we’re just FINALLY getting some great weather!)

Dandelions in the grass!


  1. A Eurasian plant (Taraxacum officinale) of the composite family having many-rayed yellow flower heads and deeply notched basal leaves. Widely naturalized as a weed in North America, it is used in salads and to make wine.
  2. Any of several similar or related plants.
  3. A brilliant to vivid yellow.

Pretty, clear, blue skies.

Open windows, with the sun shining in.

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, sunbathing kitties. 😉

Just Can’t Wait!!

Peter comes home May 5th.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!


Remember that little guy, Brayden, who I talked about here?????
Isn’t he ADORABLE?????????????????  (More pictures to come in a few days.)

Remember that big guy, Peter, who I miss SOOOO much???
He is coming home MAY 5TH!!!!

I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

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