How Do You Pronounce That???!!!


Peter’s subject line read:  Greetings from Kyrgyzstan

What???!!!  (Pronunciation below!)

Happy Easter
Hello all,
Once again I am in a new country.  All is going well.  The trip from Kuwait to Manas, Kyrgyzstan was long and the 3 hour time difference put us here early in the morning. 
Unfortunately we left at night and I was not able to sleep much on the plane.  We got checked into the base and our rooms, grabbed breakfast and took a nap. 
Then we were up and getting breifings and aclimated to the base.  We are staying in billeting (not tents this time) and our 1st room was right next to the door. 
The building we’re staying in is for transient people so it is very busy with people coming and going.  The door slams shut and kept waking us up all night. 
Oh, well, not the first time to operate on little sleep.  The next morning we played off base at an orphanage.  It was a truely uplifting experience. 
This country is pretty poor and they don’t know it.  The culture is a mix of Russia and China with the people looking very Asian. 
The children were adorable and very appreciative of our visit.  After the show we handed out candy to the children.  There was a mad dash for candy! 
They really liked our show and thanked us many times.  We played outrside in a courtyard next to a statue of Lenin.  The countryside is very beautiful. 
A huge mountain range and fields plowed and ready for planting.  Other than the mountains it looks a lot like many midwestern states. 
The odd things are seeing men on horseback and cows randomly crossing the road.  This morning we played at two church services in the chapel.  
This evening we had dinner with the Public affairs/ Wing command offices in their morale tent.  We had steak/lobster and cheescake for desert. 
It was a great meal.  I hope all is going well and more will come.

I searched for Kyrgyzstan on-line and came up with this information. . .

Kyr·gyz·stan (kîrgē-stän, kîrgē-stän

Okay, now I get it!

These are just some pictures I found on-line, NOT pictures that Peter sent.


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  1. Mindy
    Apr 04, 2008 @ 16:26:02

    I had a good friend stationed in Kyrgyzstan for a little over a year. She had only good things to say about the country, the people and her experience in general when she got back home. Hope your friend has a similar experience.


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