The Little Family That I LOVE!

There are these CUTE little girls in my life who I LOVE with all my heart. They call me Aunt Flounder, which I love. (Flounder as in the cute little fish from Little Mermaid.)

The way this nickname came about was the time their whole family and I went to see Disney on Ice back in February of 2007, and they each got cotton candy which came with a little flounder hat. The picture taker in me made every one of them, even Mom and Dad put on the hat and take separate pictures with the hat on. They turned out super cute. Ever since then, my name is Aunt Flounder. I LOVE it!

Here we are. (You can see the little flounder hat on the bottom left corner.)

These two little girls are going to have a baby brother VERY soon, any day now actually. Not too long ago I took some pictures of the whole family, even Baby Boy R.

I am beginning to LOVE doing maternity shoots. If you haven’t already seen the one from last month, you can check that one out, as well as this one, on my photography blog, which is here.

Take a look at the most recent maternity shoot here. I’m extremely proud of these!! =D


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