Peter Made His Way To Kuwait

The e-mail we received from Peter Sunday morning. . . .

All is going well here.  We arrived yesterday evening, grabbed dinner and looked around the base before going to bed.  This is our first tour with everyone.  We had our first gig today that was actually like the ones we had been rehearsing for.  For anyone who doesn’t know our vocalist had to get some training done and did not go to Afganistan with us.  It is much cooler here which is very nice.  We had a sanstorm two days ago in Qatar and sort of had one here today.  It was very hazzy with lots of sand in the air, but not very windy.  I went to a Bazarr on base today of local crafts and goods.  Our first troop morale concert here went well and we received many compliments.  While in Qatar we played in the local community for an American and Atari school.  Both were great but very different.  Music education is not taught much in Qatar.  The school we played at may be the only one.   The students wqere very excited and interested to hear us play.  The also played some traditional songe for us.  It was the wildest crowd I have ever played for but very fun.  Other than that all is well.  The food is very good and different from base to base and different between Army and Air Foce facilities.  There is even a heated pool here.  I plan to take advantage of that!!  I hope all is going well and that you know how much I appreciate your emails.  Please keep them comming.  Also, I appoligize for not responding to everyone.  We have limited access and limited time on computers and phones.  More to come.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Maria
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 14:00:38

    It looks like you guys had a blast! Great pictures. 🙂


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