Just Rambling. . .

This weekend wasn’t even near as eventful as last weekend!!!  Friday evening we stayed in and lounged around.  Saturday afternoon I had another maternity shoot.  This time for my very best friend. . .whom I love!  I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET BABY BOY R.  There will be a blog regarding that on the photography page in a few days after the pictures are ready for viewing!  That evening we went to dinner with friends.  Wasn’t anything too fantastic, considering I have been sick, and couldn’t taste anything anyway.  Just ordered a garden salad, which I only ate half of anyway.  When you can’t taste, what is the point in eating?  So, I just had to eat enough to fill up my empty belly (get it to stop from growling) and then I was content.  haha  Sunday was extremely uneventful.  I was supposed to go to a baby shower for a friend of the family.  When I called Dad on Saturday evening to find out more information about it (I lost my invite and I knew Mom’s was on the bulletin board at home), he starts reading it to me, saying “Date: March 8th. . . . . um, that’s today Trisha.”  It was noon that day.  OOOOOOPS!!!  haha  Who has showers on Saturdays?  haha, j/k  Well, guess I missed out on that one.  SHOOT!  Way to go me!

So anyway. . .that made for absolutely NO plans on Sunday.  Can I add how excited I was to hear that.  I could sleep in, AND take a nap.  SWEET!  OH, we lost that one hour of sleep too, so had to make up for that somewhere!  Of course, I do that occasionally on Sundays and then can never fall asleep Sunday nights so that I can wake up to go to work on Monday.  But do you think I have learned my lesson, and stopped doing that?  NOPE, sure haven’t.  I LOVE to sleep, leave me alone!  =P  haha

Also. . .we heard from Peter on Saturday.  YAY (Well, through E-mail).  He has journedy over to Afghanistan now.

Hello everyone,
 We made it safely into Afganistan on Thurs.  It was a long trip over 5 1/2 hours.  We have adjusted pretty quickly and played our first concerts here this afternoon.  We are staying in a decent place, but the mattress are very lumpy and we don’t have pillows.  Fortunately we knew about this and came prepared with pillows and sleeping bags.  The weather has been amazing.  It gets pretty cold at night and has been pretty warm during the day.  Today was probably upper 60’s.  Our concert was outside in the sun and we all got a little sun burned.  It was an interesting first gig.  We got everything set up but our sound board decided not to work.  Luckily we have formed a relationship with the local Chaplins (ie. playing for a church service)  and they let us borrow there sound board.  So we started a little late but still played two 40 min shows for people walking by.  The scenery here is beautiful!  We have a 360 degree panoramic view of the mountains.  We can see several ranges and many of the peaks have a lot of snow on them.  Yesterday I went to a Bazzar hosted on base for the locals to sell there wares.  It was a cool experience looking at all the native arts and crafts and haggering over prices.  Well, i’m gonna run.  There will be more emails to come.  Talk to you soon.

We’re still praying for him.

Adding to my list of IMPORTANT prayers (well, they’re all important, but these two are high up on the list) — We’re praying for a friend of Ric and I’s, who found out that she has cancer.  Tomorrow she finds out if the cancer that she does have has spread to other areas, or if it has just stayed in this one area.  I’m hoping and praying for the best outcome that can come of such a tragedy!!!  If you do such a thing – please pray for this as well!

Well, I suppose I shall get back to work (how fun is that, BLAH).


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