Crazy Busy Weekends!

Like I said, I’m going to work harder at trying to keep this thing updated better.

So, here we go.

Two weekends ago we said good-bye to Peter (story below).  We heard from him the Thursday after we dropped him off at the airport.  He e-mailed us to let us (and the rest of his friends/family) know that he made it there safely.  It was SOOO good hearing from him.  On Tuesday, one of our TV nights, we were watching a new episode of Law & Order.  Any other day Peter would have been upstairs watching with us.  I looked at Ric and said “Do you miss Peter yet?”  He said, “YEP, sure do.”  I said, “So do I!!!!!!”  (At that time, he had only been gone two days.  haha)  WE MISS YOU PETER!  That afternoon I did a maternity shoot for a friend.  More about that here.

We move on. . .

This past weekend was a crazy one!  It started out with a trip to Highland, to Mom’s shop (Patty Cakes) to take pictures of one of her cakes (which is awesome) which is going to be featured in a calendar in 2009.  (Not sure which calendar yet.)  So, that is awesome.  Here is the cake:


 Saturday started with a family shoot.  A good friend Karen and her two sisters had pictures taken for their parents’ anniversary.  I’m not done editing those yet, so there will be more on those later.  Then we went to Chuck E Cheese’s for Savanna’s FOURTH birthday.   Here is the birthday princess:

We had CUPCAKES.  YUM!  Seneca’s face is just adorable, I just can’t get enough of her!

That evening we had Danny’s 30th B-day party.  Danny is Ric’s old (literally, ha) roommate.
Here’s Ric and Danny.

Sunday I was a co-hostess of a baby shower for my BFF Colleen!  It turned out so great.
I can’t wait to meet Baby Boy R.!!!!
This is what I was doing the night before at midnight.  (YES, I made them myself!)

My mom is amazing and made this awesome shower cake for Colleen’s shower.

Here is how the cake table turned out.  The pictures in the album and the frame are pictures that I took of “Baby Boy R.” right before Christmas.  Actually, I’m going to do another photo shoot for Baby Boy R. this coming Saturday, so more on those later!

Erin, the other hostess of the shower, came up with this awesome centerpiece idea.  I love how they turned out!

Here are the favors.  Bottles with “Thank You For Helping Welcome Baby Boy R.” made by Erin and baby blue chocolate covered strawberries by me.

Here is the Guest of Honor, in her “Kicking 24/7” shirt.  So cute!  She is ALL belly!  You can’t even tell she is pregnant from the back.  ha

Close-up of “Little Prince” frame and “Baby Boy R.”

Baby Boy R.’s two big sisters.  (Check out their shirts!)    🙂

Guest of Honor and two hostesses.

Don’t forget to check out the photography website with new pictures from the maternity shoot I did two weekends ago.  I have to say, I’m pretty proud of how they turned out!  🙂


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