He’s Here!!!!!

Today my BFF Colleen had her baby boy. He was born at 9:21 p.m. and was 8lb. 6 oz.

His name is Brayden Charles.


He made it JUST in time to be another March baby. Mom, Dad and one big sis is also a March baby (with the other big sis being a May baby).

(I can’t wait to go tomorrow to visit him at the hospital and take LOTS of pictures!) 🙂
Stay tuned for photos. . .


Misc. Stuff

Hey, look at me, I’m blogging on a Saturday night. That must mean I have nothing better to do. You’re RIGHT!! 😦 We decided to keep this weekend relaxful, since the next two are going to be crazy, one being spent in Chicago/Sycamore and the other being spent in Springfield, MO. Anyway, this morning started bright and early with a trip to STL, to stand in line to pick up/purchase Ric and I’s Easter gift from my parents. This is the second year in a row that Mom and Dad got us these, and I’m ECSTATIC!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!

OH, what are they?!

Season tickets to. . .

If you know me, you know how much I love, Love, LOVE The Muny! So, this is one of the best gifts EVER that anyone could ever get me. (I can always count on Mom, DUH!)

Although many stars have appeared on stage at The Muny, one essential truth has remained about the nation’s oldest and largest outdoor theatre; its story is the story of St. Louis – and of St. Louisans. It is about the countless individuals who have contributed their time, money, and talent to make this magical place a truly unique American experience.

So, the shows this year are. . .

Ric and I are REALLY excited about this one. We LOVE the movie with Matthew Broderick in it. It’s hilarious, we quote it often, and I can’t wait and am SO glad this is the first one of the season!

Ric is NOT so excited about this one. In fact, he said he would give up his ticket for this show and I could use it to take someone else. SO, I’m either going to take my cousin or my BFF’s little girl; OR, of course Mom if she would want to go see this one. We’ll cross that path when the time comes.

This one should be good.

Not so sure what this one is going to consist of. But I’m sure it will be good times!

This will be the show, unfortunately, that I have to miss. But HEY, I’ll be in SUNNY FL with Mickey! 😉 It’s okay, I got to see it when it was at the Muny a few years ago, and it was AWESOME!! (They used a REAL helicopter that flew in towards the end.) Ric will more than likely take Peter (yes, he’ll be home by then) or another friend of his.

And, this will be the show that Ric is going to have to miss because he will be in Vegas with my parents. So, I was trying to figure out who I was going to take, and I thought, “But of course, I’ll take Mom, after all she deserves it.” But, DUH!!! She’ll be in Vegas too! 😦 I will more than likely take Peter as my date then, if he is available.

And, the season ends with. . . Can’t wait for this one!

So, what else have I been doing with my day/evening you ask?

Well, I went to a surprise 60th b-day party in Greenville. That was a good time. It was for my ex-boyfriend’s Mother. I’m still good friends with him and especially LOVE all of his family. I love when they have gatherings and invite me, because I love seeing them all again! They were also having their Easter gathering this evening and invited me, but I felt as if I would be “intruding”, so instead I stopped by Mom and Dad’s to say hi (To Dad, because Mom wasn’t home – She is slaving over cakes for a bridal show Sunday) and came home with Quiznos (YUM) for Ric and I.

I LOVVVVVVE this! (It doesn’t really look just like this, but you understand!)

Then I got on-line. I found in my bookmarks this site, so I was messing around because AS SOON AS I GET PAID NEXT, I’m buying a new pair! What do you think of these?
(Totally kidding, really. . . it was just fun! ha)

These are called “lightening”. . .woooooo! haha

So, I’m not brave enough to go with something quite as “different” as any of those. To each their own, they’re just not me. I’ll just be getting a traditional kind, that isn’t quite so “braving!” haha

Then, I go in to say Hi to Ric, as he is watching the WWE Hall of Fame inductions, and GUESS who is on. The LOVE of my life! YAY So I had to take a break from writing this to watch this hottie be inducted. WOOOT! (Yes, I had to get the camera to take a picture, so that I had a picture for the blog — *hangs head in shame*. haha)

Look at those pearly whites, aren’t they beautiful?

So, now as I finish this at 10:30 p.m., I am going to go work on some pictures from a shoot I did last weekend because tomorrow afternoon I have another maternity shoot!! 🙂


We Got Some!!!!!!!!!! =D

Ric and I are now the proud owner of two of these!!!


This is a first for both of us!!  We’re both so excited. 
So, the two seats that we have aren’t even close to each other, but HEY, we’ll both be there!  I’m sure we’ll figure it out when we get there.  As long as we have the ticket INTO the stadium, we’re good!  YAY, I can’t wait until Monday.  NOW, let’s all pray that Mother Nature gets this rain out of her system NOW, so that it doesn’t rain Monday!

Be back with “a sea of red” pictures later!  😀

How Do You Pronounce That???!!!


Peter’s subject line read:  Greetings from Kyrgyzstan

What???!!!  (Pronunciation below!)

Happy Easter
Hello all,
Once again I am in a new country.  All is going well.  The trip from Kuwait to Manas, Kyrgyzstan was long and the 3 hour time difference put us here early in the morning. 
Unfortunately we left at night and I was not able to sleep much on the plane.  We got checked into the base and our rooms, grabbed breakfast and took a nap. 
Then we were up and getting breifings and aclimated to the base.  We are staying in billeting (not tents this time) and our 1st room was right next to the door. 
The building we’re staying in is for transient people so it is very busy with people coming and going.  The door slams shut and kept waking us up all night. 
Oh, well, not the first time to operate on little sleep.  The next morning we played off base at an orphanage.  It was a truely uplifting experience. 
This country is pretty poor and they don’t know it.  The culture is a mix of Russia and China with the people looking very Asian. 
The children were adorable and very appreciative of our visit.  After the show we handed out candy to the children.  There was a mad dash for candy! 
They really liked our show and thanked us many times.  We played outrside in a courtyard next to a statue of Lenin.  The countryside is very beautiful. 
A huge mountain range and fields plowed and ready for planting.  Other than the mountains it looks a lot like many midwestern states. 
The odd things are seeing men on horseback and cows randomly crossing the road.  This morning we played at two church services in the chapel.  
This evening we had dinner with the Public affairs/ Wing command offices in their morale tent.  We had steak/lobster and cheescake for desert. 
It was a great meal.  I hope all is going well and more will come.

I searched for Kyrgyzstan on-line and came up with this information. . .

Kyr·gyz·stan (kîrgē-stän, kîrgē-stän

Okay, now I get it!

These are just some pictures I found on-line, NOT pictures that Peter sent.

Easter 2008

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY Easter!!!

Ric and I got our Easter presents on Friday evening. We are now the PROUD owners of these. . .

The Samsung Juke

Ric got red and Trish got teal.

YES, they are actually just about that thin! They’re so cute and tiny, I LOVE it!

I have honestly never really been a cell phone person. I honestly don’t care what it looks like, what color it is, etc. In fact, the past few cell phones that I have had were just the plain ol’ LG silver phones and I had my black leather case on it, to keep it safe from all the times I know I was going to drop it.ha   Ric, on the other hand, went from having a Razr to this, which he is surprisingly happy about! They’re pretty awesome. They aren’t just cell phones either. They are also music players (hence the name “Juke”. ha). They are also bluetooth compatible (one thing Ric did care about) and they have GPS on them, which is AWESOME. That will come in hand all those times I’m out being “Dora the Explorer”, as I call myself, (or what Ric calls me “Trisha.. .. .. – Lost”. )  ha

AND, they were buy one, get one free too!!! So, after the bogo and the $100.00 upgrade credit I received last month, we paid $70.00 (approximately) for BOTH of them, AND have a $50.00 rebate coming to us too! So, we made out like bandits at approximately $25.00 for BOTH phones! SCORE!

Happy Easter to us!

Again. I hope everyone has a GREAT Easter!!!

The Little Family That I LOVE!

There are these CUTE little girls in my life who I LOVE with all my heart. They call me Aunt Flounder, which I love. (Flounder as in the cute little fish from Little Mermaid.)

The way this nickname came about was the time their whole family and I went to see Disney on Ice back in February of 2007, and they each got cotton candy which came with a little flounder hat. The picture taker in me made every one of them, even Mom and Dad put on the hat and take separate pictures with the hat on. They turned out super cute. Ever since then, my name is Aunt Flounder. I LOVE it!

Here we are. (You can see the little flounder hat on the bottom left corner.)

These two little girls are going to have a baby brother VERY soon, any day now actually. Not too long ago I took some pictures of the whole family, even Baby Boy R.

I am beginning to LOVE doing maternity shoots. If you haven’t already seen the one from last month, you can check that one out, as well as this one, on my photography blog, which is here.

Take a look at the most recent maternity shoot here. I’m extremely proud of these!! =D

Confession. . .

Hi, my name is Trisha and I’m a Google Reader-aholic!

I’m officially addicted.

I’m subscribed to 49 blogs. Most of which are STLWed girls. A few are photography blogs, as well as the #1 Videographer in the STL area blog.

Others that you should check out that are quite interesting are:
PostSecret ( hilarious sometimes)
LOLCatz (HILARIOUS stuff!!!)
PhotoShop Disasters (pretty interesting); and last but not DEFINITELY least
St. Louis Cardinals News

The End.

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