ELEVEN years ago, February 28, 1997

**Warning:  Semi-Graphic Photos Below**

It was this day, ELEVEN years ago, that my life made an immediate turn-around.  (GOSH, time flies!)

I was going to Meramec for Court Reporting.  Doing GOOD and half way done already!  I loved it and I could really see myself doing it forever!<BR><BR>

I remember it like it just happened hours ago.  I envision different things as I playback the details in my head, which, if you are patient enough to read it all, I will post here.  Kind of an interesting story. 

It was a chilly February evening.  Amber, Angie, Austin and I were driving to Fairview from Collinsville on 159, minding our own business, singing and having a good ol’ time when a car ran a stop sign and pulled out in front of us.  Cleared that idiot. . .but then the car behind him pulled out also.  Didn’t quite clear that one.  T-boned that one, spun around, sat SCARED for a few seconds or minutes and then *BAM* . . . we were hit head-on.  I can remember sitting there for a few seconds, which actually seemed like hours.  Angie and I just staring at each other in shock.  In that time, a passer-by, who was a nurse, came to the car to get 6-month-old Austin out of the car to make sure he was okay.  Apparently Angie wasn’t conscious when that happened.  I looked at Angie and said “Angie, my nose is bleeding, what do I do?”  She says (obviously in a state of shock), “SHUT UP, where’s my baby?”  After calming her down and telling her that he was okay, she got out of the car and went over to him.  It seemed like the police were there in NO time.  I can remember after she got out of the car, one was helping me over to the passenger seat because my door was NOT going to open.  After sitting in the passenger seat for a while I realize I WANT TO CALL MY MOM!!  I can’t find my cell phone (you know, one of those HUGE gray kind they had back then).  So I tell the PO that I want to call my mom!  He tells me “Honey, we will do that when we get to the hospital.”  “NO, I want to call her NOW!”  So he graciously gives me his flashlight so that I could find my phone which I assume is on the passenger-side floor.  NO LUCK, so I THROW the flashlight back at him.  I was lucky I was in a state of shock, otherwise I’m sure I would have been arrested for that one.  LOL  Finally they get me on the stretcher.  While being wheeled to the ambulance (Abott), I remember looking over at Angie who was with Austin trying to calm him down, bouncing him up and down on her side, THREE broken ribs and all.  Off to the hospital we go.  We arrive, my parents arrive shortly after (I think it took them about 30 minutes to get there when usually it would take about 50).  Mom looks at me and thinks all my teeth are busted out because of the blood from my broken nose.  MANY hours later, after lots of X-rays and stuff, almost time to go home, I can remember screaming at the nurse to PLEASE clean the blood off my face from my broken nose because they hadn’t done that yet.  THANKS A LOT JERKS!  Crusty blood . . . ew!!!  So, I find out that I “broke” my hand and broke my nose.  We must make an appointment to see a surgeon.  Oh yay. 

We come to find out that Austin’s carseat broke and he flew out of it BOTH times we were hit because after the first time, Amber had time to put him back in it.  I’m not mentioning any names, but I will NEVER buy this brand carseat ever.  Because after letting the corporation know that their product almost had a baby killed, the only thing they had to offer was a NEW CARSEAT.  Um, no thanks.  Those idiots should have been kissing our ASSES!!!  They are lucky a minor head injury was all that Austin received!

Angie broke three ribs.  YIKES  And Amber just broke my center counsel with her face, so she just had a gash in her chin. 

We were all mentally scared too though!  Austin was TERRIFIED to get in a carseat after the fact.  I am STILL scared to drive (well, I always have been anyway).

Days later. . .time to see the surgeon.  I have actually CRUSHED my first, second and third metacarpals (pinky, ring finger and middle finger).  I have to have surgery to reconstruct the fingers back the way they are supposed to be and have pins put in my hand to hold them there while they heal.  (This is the reason my Court Reporting career was OVER!)  My broken nose was also a “clean break” so I didn’t have to have that re-broken/placed.  Thank GOD!

Had surgery, walked around with an “Ace Bandage” type thing covering my pins (yes, they were sticking out, YUCK), months later got the pins out.  After it was all said and done, I couldn’t even bend my fingers an inch (couldn’t even come close to making a fist!).  So, you guessed it, physical therapy.  That was HELL also.  I hated it, I cried, I was tortured; it was NOT fun!

Fast forward to today, we have definitely made progress.  Though my hand gets sore easily (“bad hand, bad hand!!!”) and I can’t do things that I used to be able to do.  For instance; cartwheels, play volleyball, and stuff like that.  I’m  scared that if I were to even bend my fingers the wrong way, they are going to snap again.  I also have Chondromalacia of the knee (just will not bend all the way) and it bothers me to wear glasses or sunglasses on my nose from the broken nose.

Though, the main thing here is. . .I’M ALIVE!  THANKFULLY!

I will also never forget the people who helped me out through one of the roughest times of my life!!! 

~Angie and her lovely Mom!  (Mom II) 
~Amber ~ Even though she couldn’t even drive yet, haha.
~I’m sure I’m forgetting some friends. . .sorry.
~My sis and bro.
~And MOSTLY my parents.  –  Especially Mom.  For a while she had to dress me, shower me, feed me, cut my meat for me, baby me (haha), etc.

Here are the only pictures that I could find to show. . .(because we all know that I love the visuals.)<BR><BR>

In the hospital before surgery.  This is what I do when I’m nervous ~ laugh for hours.

(Nice hair Trish!)

The pins. . .EW!!!  I know, it is gross.  Kinda like a train wreck, you just HAVE to look.


Sad Day! =(

February 24, 2008:

Sad Day!!

If you know Ric and I, you know that we have a best friend named Peter.  Ric and I met Peter the day we moved into our new apartment, July, 2002.  So he is only a few feet away.  Ever since then, it has been “The Peter, Ric and Trisha Show.”  We’re pretty much like “Three’s Company.”  (haha).  The three of us are inseperable!  At least 5 to 6 days out of the 7 day week, Peter is up at our apartment.  Ric cooks dinner for the three of us, or Peter comes up to cook dinner for the three of us (NO, I do not cook, I’m the dishwasher).  We spend time, watch movies together and just hang out.  99% of the time, he even brings his cat upstairs and Elvis and Jesse play with Smokey.  We always joke, “What the heck are we going to do when we move out of this apartment complex, and we don’t have each other???”

Well, today was one of the hardest days of our lives.  Ric and I had to take Peter to the airport bright and early this morning.  Peter is being deployed.  He is on his way to Iraq as I type this.  I have cried myself to sleep numerous times in the past few weeks, as the reality of it all got closer (he found out MANY months ago that he was going).  This morning was hard.  It was hard to say good-bye.  I stayed with the car in the “drop off zone” while Ric helped Peter carry in his 645813 bags (that’s an exaggeration).  Ric stayed with Peter inside for a bit while Peter waited for the rest of his group, who is going over there, to get to the airport.  Ric walked out, got in the car, and I could see the tears streaming.  (So that didn’t help me much.)

Anyway. . .I ask that you PLEASE say a prayer, keep Peter in your thoughts (whatever it is that you do) ~ that he is safe over there and makes it home safely.  The countdown begins.  We can’t wait until he is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(These are some old pictures!  haha)

Bad Trisha!

Again, not doing so good keeping up with this blog thing!  SORRY (to those who actually read this!)

I’m going to copy and paste some blogs that I have forgotten to put in here, from my Myspace blog.  🙂

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Last week our area got LOTS of snow.

Pictures from “FUN in the snow with Peter, Ric and Trisha”    =D

Well, the snow wasn’t sticking so well, so we weren’t able to make a snow”man”.  So instead, we made a snow”mound”.  He was super cute though!  🙂

Then we made some snow angels.



Then it was time for the kitties to play for a little while.
But, they said, “I DON’T THINK SO!!!”
They barely got their feet wet and they were right back inside the house!
Poor little guys!

So. . .

Obviously I have not been doing so well keeping up with this thing.  (Actually, my background is still Christmas related.  haha).

So, I’ve decided I’m going to do better updating this and keeping everyone informed as to what is going on in our lives.

First things first.
Ric decided that he was going to start smoking OUTSIDE now, instead of in our house.  How exciting is that??!!  (For me anyway!)  Jan. 1st (early in the morning when we got home from my parents’ house for a New Years party) the first thing he does is walk outside and smoke, rather than smoking inside the house.  YAY!  He has been doing AWESOME keeping up with it too.  He hasn’t cheated once and that was 1.5 months ago.  (YAY for him!)  Not only that, but, he has gone from about one pack of cigarettes a day to about 6-7 cigarettes a day.  This is his way of weaning himself off.  My parents have promised him a nice dinner when he does this and has been done with it for a while.  He’s working towards a nice dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House!  (His choice!)  🙂 

Congrats to Ric and best of luck on quitting all the way!

In other news. . .
Ric has been applying for teaching jobs all over the place.  There are some just an hour away from where we live and then there are a few that are about 2.5 hours away.  He says “I can’t be picky now, there just aren’t any job openings in the area.”  So. . .if he gets these jobs, looks like we’ll be relocating.  So, you ask, are you okay with that?? 

Trisha = NO, I am not okay with this. . .actually I have mixed feelings about it.  But I guess I’m going to have to do what I’m going to have to do, IF, in fact, he does get one of these jobs he has applyed for.

Ric = He says he is, I think he is still debating on whether he is okay with it, but he is REALLY anxious to have a PERMANENT job.  As nice as it is to substitute, because any day that he has something to do, he just doesn’t answer the phone in the morning if it rings (substitute call).  He is just really READY for a permanent position.  Which I do NOT blame him.

Other than that.  There really isn’t much else going on in our lives.  We’re pretty “boring” I guess you could say.  ha